How to improve metabolism

dietEgg proteins are rich in amino acids which increase your metabolism. In addition, eggs contain protein and vitamin D, so be sure to include them in your menu.

Lean meat is rich in iron, lack of which can slow down your metabolism. So regularly lean on lean meats and foods containing iron.


If your body is dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. Experts recommend drinking cool water, causing the body to use more calories to keep warm.

Chili pepper

Chili pepper contains capsaicin, which stimulates the metabolism. For this purpose, you can add a tablespoon of chopped chili pepper in the food once a day. It should be noted that the chili is also an unexpected source of vitamin C.


According to one study, the average metabolic rate of people who drank caffeinated coffee was 16% higher than those who drank decaffeinated coffee. Take note of these findings and do not give a cup of flavored drink.

Green tea

Scientist’s claim that contained in green tea component epigallocatechin gallate promotes fat burning.


It is believed prospectors from the Institute of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee, calcium may also help the body metabolize fat more efficiently, so we recommend not to abandon the natural milk.

Whole grains

Whole grains help the body burn more fat, because they require a lot of energy. digest than processed grains, like white bread and pasta. Lean on whole grains rich in fiber, like chocolate rice and oatmeal.


About 20% of women are deficient in iron, and our body can not work efficiently if it something is missing. In one cup of lentils also provides 35% of your daily requirement of iron.

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