Calendar supply to a third Week

fatCalendar of power for the third week of Lent

According to the strictest canons of Lent is forbidden to consume meat and by-products, dairy products, eggs, and fish, vegetable oil and alcohol except for some days. The purpose of Lent is the spiritual purification through physical cleansing.

However, it should be recalled that in a strict fast, without consulting a doctor and confessor should not go, otherwise you can only harm their health. Also, be aware that you need to go to the post gradually, to determine in advance the extent of its rigor. As you know, the degrees of severity of Lent, there are several:

This post – complete rejection of food, but this post follows the ascetic monks.

The next step – xerophagy cold food of non-animal origin, prepared without the use of vegetable oil.

Next – the same food without oil may heat up.

Then allowed to use in cooking oil.

Even greater concessions permissible under constant tasting the fish.

Well, the gentlest post – used all kinds of food, including dairy products, but under strict exclusion of meat.

Consider food calendar for the third week of Lent 2015

Monday, March 9th

Tuesday, 10 March 16 a day of fasting is permissible boiled vegetable food without oil.

Wednesday, 11 March

Consumption of bread, raw vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, honey, nuts. Thursday, March 12 Day 18 post cooked vegetable food without oil. Friday, March 13 19 day post consumption of bread, raw vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, honey, nuts.

Saturday, March 14

cooked food with vegetable oil, mauve Sunday, March 15 21 days post cooked food with vegetable oil, wine.

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