Barbell with supine grip

fatThe barbell with supine grip used to work the last, as well as help to exercise your biceps and back muscles of the shoulder. The ridges are one of the biggest muscles in the back of the body and cover most of the upper body of our body.

The barbell with supine grip, is responsible for generating the necessary help to gain strength in the movement to pull us in power output. In addition, you can vary the grip, opening a little more or less, to exercise different parts of the back and shoulders.

Barbell with supine grip

How the barbell is performed with supine grip?

To perform the barbell with supine grip correctly, we will sandal grab bar and more broadly than it normally would a barbell. In addition, place hands on instead of supranational-probation like a bicep curl were to do.

Subsequently, we bend your knees slightly and place the inclined trunk, making sure the chest facing forward preventing the back curve. Then will raise the bar by bending your elbows and bringing the weight toward the stomach for it retracting the shoulder blades.

When we get to play with the bar in the stomach, take a short break and will return again to the starting position. All this, counted as a single valid repetition. We will make those indicated in our training routine.

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