Why hard to lose weight

dietLack of sleep

Lack of sleep increases the risk definitely gain weight. With lack of sleep is disturbed hormonal balance – hormones regulate appetite, do not work correctly. As a result, people are constantly hungry.

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100 calories not satisfy

Low-calorie snacks can be hearty enough. According to experts, the products are 100 calories not satisfy you in the event of widespread famine. If you feel it is better to arrange a full meal.

Your body is fighting hunger

Body evolutionary directed to resistance to change. It runs a program to preserve the fat deposits in case of famine. For this reason, sometimes weight loss is inhibited. Shift indicators will help break for 2-4 weeks. At this time it is better to focus on maintaining rather than reducing weight. Then you can start losing weight again.

You eat more than you think

Sometimes people have a bite, even when you do not feel hungry. The best way to control – a food diary and photographic images. These data must be marked on the power of hunger at the time of the meal.

Women with polytheistic ovaries

The disease is, about one in five women of reproductive age. The syndrome causes infertility and obesity. In the presence of this syndrome are unaware 70% of women. Physicians are advised to eat right, exercise and do everything to overcome insulin resistance, which augment the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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