White tea for weight loss

fatAmong tea drinkers are incredibly popular is white tea. And it’s not just because this type of tea has an incredibly gentle and pleasant taste, but also contains a huge amount of catechism. The main advantage over other white tea varieties a high efficiency in the fight against excess weight.

The thing is that white tea is very beneficial effect on all organs and starts processes that are directly related to the loss of extra pounds. It speeds up the metabolism, and normalizes the water balance in the body, reduces the probability of formation of fat cells to nothing.

As a rule, white tea is beginning to gather in the early spring. Grow it in China and India. By the way, I must say that the degree of processing of white tea is minimal, which is why it is so rich in antioxidants and catching.

So, let’s talk more about the use of white tea in the fight against excess weight. It is recommended to include in any diet, as white tea composition includes a relatively small percentage of caffeine. In addition, white tea is rich in catechism, substances that are causing thermo genesis, help very quickly and efficiently burn fat cells are formed.

If you believe some studies, substances that are part of the white tea, increase the rate of decomposition of fat cells, as well as improve the overall tone of the body, and charged him with the necessary energy. Furthermore, catechism also prevents the formation of new fat cells and the appearance of the adipose tissue.

In general we can say that any diet – really serious test, which sustain the strength is not everything. The thing is that it implies a reduction of the amount of nutrients that logically leads to an increase in appetite. As a result, the diet does not bring results at all, or those extra pounds, dropped earlier, quickly returned.

If during the diet with every meal to drink a cup of white tea, the result will be much more effective. White tea can help control the amount of eaten portions, reduce appetite, help to give up sweet and almost completely suppress hunger.

In order to secure the effect of white tea, you need to add in parallel cooked food different spices and seasonings, which also help throw off the weight.

One well-known American magazine in 2009 conducted a study in which a connection was established between the properties of white tea and rapid loss of excess weight. In this experiment involved men who adhered to a low-calorie diet while drinking white and black teas. After ten weeks of the experiment it was found that men, who drank white tea, lost almost twice as many pounds than those who drank black tea food. It turned out that the whole thing really is catching, white tea which contains many times more than the usual black.

Incidentally, it is worth noting also that white tea can not only save a beautiful figure, but also very beneficial effects on the immune system, strengthening it. In addition, white tea, have been proven excellent prevention is the development of cancerous cells, reducing cholesterol levels. Drink and useful for men, because it strengthens the male force.

However, in order to tea retains all the nutrients to properly brew it. Special nuance – the temperature at which you want to brew white tea. It should not be higher than 80 degrees. If you can not measure the water thermometer, remember that after boiling it has to cool slightly for five to seven minutes.

By the way, note that white tea is also most useful and safe for pregnant women drink. Because of the low content of caffeine and other substances, it is in contrast to many other beverages do not contribute to weight reduction of the fetus.

Finally, a few words about white tea. Remember that in any case should not be confused white tea with any other drinks, as in this case, he would lose all his properties. In addition, please note that if you buy a bottle of white tea, then you should be prepared for the fact that during the chemical treatment of the drink has lost up to 90% catechism.

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