What to drink

dietLack of water slows down the fat burning. However, not all drinks will go to benefit the cause.

Drink green tea

Green tea, unlike black, contains more specific compounds. They effectively block those enzymes that prevent fat burning. For this reason, the green tea extracts part of all modern additives fat loss. In extracts fat-burning is not an example of the compounds is greater than green tea cup. However, green tea is much more useful than plain water. Take it to the gym chilled.

Use black tea

Green and black tea is made from the leaves of one plant, but is treated differently. This is the reason why the nature of the green leaves darken. Science has found that black tea also in its own useful to those who want to lose weight. This tea reduces the production of the stress hormone cortical. By itself, this is a fat-burning hormone. However, in the case of excess stress, the body, fearing to lose all your fat reserves, includes the protective mechanism of the impact of fat accumulation in the waist area. To block this effect, after strength training, which is also a stress, more drink black tea.

Drink water! German scientists found that drunken volley 2 cups cold water make a lump sum to allocate our neither brain hormone nor epinephrine. Due to this, the metabolic rate jumps immediately to 30%! Approximately the same proportion accelerates fat burning.

Energy drink

Energy drinks without sugar content of not less than 200 mg of caffeine and 250 mg of green tea extract in the form of gastrointestinal effectively help weight loss. In the US, 60 men and women drink a day for 1 jar of such energy. As a result, in 28 days they dropped an average of 0.5 kg of excess weight without changing anything in any diet or lifestyle.

Accepted serum!

It was found that taking whey protein effectively raises muscle only when receiving a before and after training. In the rest of the day serum useless. However, British scientists recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight. If in between meals to drink a protein shake on the water, including 15-20 grams of whey protein, the body secretes hormones powerful appetite suppressants. As a result, food intake is reduced by 25-40%, which is accompanied by the inevitable loss of weight.

Apply Soya

Soy Protein – a proven fat burner! According to the experiments carried out in 2008 in theUS, soy protein acts on the body exactly as serum. It stimulates the production of hormones that suppress appetite. Consumption of soy protein 20 g twice a day for 3 months resulted in a reduction of waist volunteers by 10%.

Thicker! Well known that solids and liquid body metabolizes differently. Solid food longer to digest and therefore have time to react with many digestive enzymes. Well, the liquid product quickly flies through the stomach and therefore starts much less digestive reactions. Thus, the return of solid and liquid food is different. Comparing thick and liquid protein shakes with the same protein, scientists noticed that the thick protein satiate the blood amine acids. This task is better at liquid protein. But the thick protein shake stimulates more powerful release of hormones that suppress appetite. If you want to lose weight, dilute serum and soy thicker.

Do not let yourself fool! Low-calorie drinks like Diet Coke will not help you lose weight. Yes, these beverages have sugar, but they still have a sweet taste due sweeteners. The brain does not know how to count calories, but habitually responds to sip sweet diet cola secretion of insulin. As you know, this hormone has been creating fat reserves under the skin and increases appetite.

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