Tip to lose weight

dietSpices help to control appetite, speeds up metabolism and eliminate toxins, so if you want to lose weight and stay in shape, be sure to add them to the diet.


This spice fresh or dried promotes the excretion of toxins and slightly raises the body temperature, which leads to faster metabolism.


He powerfully accelerates the metabolism, resulting in calories received from food, burned very intensively. In addition, this spice helps the body get rid of toxins.


Apart from the fact that cinnamon perfectly replaces the taste of sweet, it controls blood sugar levels, improves metabolism and suppresses appetite: only ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon per day carbohydrate metabolism speeds up to 20 times!

Chili pepper

It helps regulate appetite; metabolism accelerates burns adipose cells and reduces the blood sugar, without giving a new form a fatty layer. The main thing – to observe a measure used this spice: its excess cause’s mouth fire that we seek to put out with food.


This spice improves digestion and stabilizes the blood sugar level, whereby the deposition of fat in the body is minimized.

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