Tip to food addiction

fatSpecialists of the University of Luxembourg proved the existence depending on the food.

Several women, who participated in the study, are faced with an acute craving for food immediately after a meal. And it says according to work-related neurotransmitters: they are activated when people gamble, smoke, have sex, take drugs and eat.

State participants tested 3 hours after a meal or immediately after a meal, showing them the pictures on the computer with a meal. On some pictures were fatty or sugary foods, and some – the image is not related to food.

Women had to click on the mouse as fast as possible with the appearance of images, so that’s part of the food in the images of women slowed clicking the mouse and admitted that they feel a sense of hunger and, no matter how long ago they were eating. Mainly because behaved subjects with overweight.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that some people have a physiological predisposition to overeating, which causes a strong dependence on food.

How to deal with food addiction?

A key reason for the appearance, depending on the food – stress. Nutritionists suggest a number of measures that can help you resolve issues with food.

1. Find a compromise. If you are unable to cope with stress, seizes it with something useful and easy: cauliflower, seafood, fish, peaches, pears, citrus fruits, walnuts, honey, bananas and green tea.

2. Set a specific feeding schedule. Between meals should be a break in 2.5-3 hours. Eat at certain times and not allow yourself to unplanned snacking.

3. Follow the diet at work. If you during the day to eat small portions and to drink 1.5-2 cups of water, the desire to eat at night after work gradually disappear.

4. Palate their biological clock. If you can not control their night raids on the refrigerator, try to go to bed no later than 23:00 divert sleep at least 8 hours a day.

5. Learn to relax without the aid of food: Exercise and walk – it always helps to cope with stress.

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