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dietBelieve that adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, however, doctor says otherwise, and health and figure professional opinion only confirm. That you do not have to deal with a similar, keep a food diary.

If you regularly write down everything that you eat, you can analyze your diet and finding out what products it a lot, but what is clearly not enough, adjust it correctly, depending on the objectives: reducing the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, reset or set pounds, improving immunity, etc.

What else benefit from keeping a food diary?

Fixing all that you eat, you start to pay attention not only to the amount eaten, but also on the quality.

In the conduct of this diary and the analysis of its data, you automatically start to control their eating behavior and habits to adjust.

Systematically and thoroughly complete the diary will reveal failures situation Failure to follow the rules of healthy food, their causes, duration, and impact for example, if you lose weight, the consequences of failure to quickly declare itself undesirable numbers on the scale.

Thanks to this diary you trace the connection of your mood and emotions with gusto , with quantitative and qualitative indicators of your diet.

If prompted, doctor, you can provide a detailed food diary, it will help him to appoint the most effective treatment program.

How to keep a food diary?

Capture all eaten per day, including all snacks and drink fluids water, tea, coffee, juice, soda. If possible, specify the size of each portion in any convenient unit’s calories, grams, spoons, milliliters, Handful, fits in your palm, etc. Ideally, specify the time and place of a meal, and the reason why you decided to eat hungry for the company in a bad mood. The more input data is, the more clearly you will be able to identify the factors that affect your health and appearance, identify trends, and eventually be able to develop a menu suitable for you.

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