This is counter-Dukan Diet

weightFrench nutritionist Pierre Ducane does not recommend the diet for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. He said this during a video conference March 17, 2014, which was broadcast Dukan diet.

Children should not sit on my diet. Teenagers – only since 18 years, but only if they need this diet. The most terrible thing in all diets, when a person sits on some diet that he did not require, said Duc.

Also, according to him, the Dukan Diet should not be followed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

With regard to pregnant women if they have a lot of excess weight, obesity is a serious need for a woman, limit the intake of sugar and all products in which it is contained. Because starting from the third month of pregnancy the child begins to form the pancreas, and if in the diet mom a lot of sugar, it will greatly affect the formation of pancreatic child, and these problems .Will accompany the child throughout his life, supposed the French nutritionist.In addition, the result may be overweight kid.

A child is born with a higher weight than he should have. Subsequently, it will be thicker than its peers, the same thing will happen in adolescence, it will slowly lose weight and, worst of all, that this overweight people will be watching throughout his life summed up Pierre Duc.

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