The three-day diet sweet

fatThis fast diet is designed for business, employment and moving people. For his time, it will burn about 3 kg. But do not be too keen on it, and overeat before entering and after leaving the diet. In this case, the lost pounds will not keep you waiting, and quickly return. Its principle is that you do not need to limit yourself in kilo calories, minerals, vitamins and nutrients, but should refrain from unnecessary fats and harmful carbohydrates. Below is a menu.

First day: Breakfast compared with diet Heller quite stingy, it consists of a cup of green tea and fruit salad. In the tea you can add honey, but not sugar, and lemon. Fruit in a salad can be varied, to fill in any low-calorie syrup. A certain weight class at the salad just not, permissible to abuse is not worth it.

After the meal should remain a slight feeling of hunger. Lunch, like any business lunch consists of two sandwiches and green tea with honey. Dinner: chicken broth and the same fruit salad. It is possible to add some dried fruit, keyword a little because due to the high content of vitamins and minerals dried several times more calories than fresh.

Second day: At breakfast – green tea with honey and lemon and eggnog of quail eggs. Four eggs, one teaspoon of sugar. Quail eggs in the chicken several times more useful, they improve memory and enrich the body with nutrients. For lunch, you can give yourself an easy indulgence, and taste a little low-fat ice cream. Low-fat milk without any additives or Popsicle. Besides him, for lunch put any vegetable salad with sour cream. All the same vegetables and recommended for dinner, but only boiled, together with a small amount of dates, a piece of rye bread and a glass of firer.

Third day: At breakfast, green tea and oatmeal with raisins, which also can be sweetened with a teaspoon of honey? For lunch cheese with a teaspoon of jam, and the big apple. Dinner consists of boiled fish and vegetable salad with lemon juice. Sweeten the existence of the last day you can milkshakes, mixing skim milk with two spoons canny favorite jam. Diet is running out, but if you want to fix the result, it is necessary to very carefully out of it.

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