The Most Dangerous Diets

weightIn an effort to lose weight women show incredible courage and willpower. We are not afraid of even the toughest diet, the main thing – the result. But why should we be thin, but the sick? Let’s define with what diet is necessary to accurately send the black list because of the harm they can cause.

Mono diet – a power supply system in which the allowed use of any one product within a few days in a strictly limited quantity. The most famous mono-diet – is buckwheat, kefir, apple, chocolate, rice, cabbage. Lighter mono-diet can be diluted with 1-2 additional products.

It is believed that the mono-diet grown from the days of discharge. So that was quite useful or at least not harmful for one day, totally dangerous in long-term compliance. Any mono diet priori not balanced, because the one selected product clearly can not provide the body with all the useful and necessary nutrients, trace elements and minerals.

Moreover, such diets typically low in calories. Yes, often say that you can use the product allowed in unlimited quantities, but, you see, do not eat a lot of buckwheat, and such daily rate of yogurt, recommended by doctors is 2 cups, it is unlikely you will have enough energy taken from such portions. Again, each mono-diet causes harm to its unique and has contraindications: curd banned for those who have problems with the kidneys and liver since their protein overload, chocolate diet can lead to diabetes, cabbage – exacerbate ulcers and the appearance of the pancreas diseases, buckwheat – anemia a condition characterized by low hemoglobin or red blood cells in the blood, vertigo and general weakness.

Hormone Diet

There are two basic rules: reducing daily allowance of calories and the injection of human chronic namedropping. Developers diet claim that this hormone helps to burn fat and reduces hunger.

There is no scientific basis for this diet is not, accordingly, daring her, you can not fully appreciate the risks. Definitely it can be argued only that the administration of hormones can lead to very unfortunate consequences: it depends on them almost all processes in the body. Hormonal imbalance can lead to chronic diseases.

Low-Carb Diets

Key Principle – severe limitation RDA carbohydrates, respectively, at such power in the absence of carbohydrate, the body of which primarily receives power, it begins to burn fat. The most popular diet is similar to the Kremlin and the Dukan Diet although it is better to refer to extreme forms of low-carbohydrate diets, because when they are subject to the person at the same time reduces the consumption of carbohydrates and proteins oversaturated body.

Such diets are not balanced as mono diets and, hence, our organism again suffers from a lack of important substances, such as glucose, which affects the intellectual ability and reaction rate. Moreover, a food rich in fat and protein, but poor in carbohydrates, causes dehydration.

Needless generous proteins carbohydrate diets loaded kidney, liver and cardiovascular system. The number of bad cholesterol levels while significantly increasing, and lack fiber causes constipation.

Dangerous diet

Drinking diet

The diet is based on the fact that within 30 days you can liquid foods: juices, yogurts, soups, yogurt, fermented baked milk, coffee, tea, jelly, smoothies, juice, water about 2 – 2.5 liters, milk, cream, juice, cocoa, kvass, mineral water. It is believed that this diet has a cleaning effect: the first 10 days of cleared hollow organs, the next 10 days – dense bodies, the remaining 10 days – cleansing occurs at the cellular level.

Our bodies are used to perceive as eating something solid and liquid – is a kind of related, but not self-sufficient breakfast, lunch or dinner. As a result, the body is under stress, so at first tries to keep the fat that is inherent nature as a tool for survival, taking the energy from the muscles, resulting in lost muscle mass and slows metabolism. There are problems with digestion, if only because when chewing salivate, which starts the process of digestion.

In women, menstruation is often lost and there is the risk of anorexia, because wean the body from normal food and may initially reject it. Also subject to such a diet in losing weight swelling observed: a metabolic disorder leads to the fact that the body can not regulate the excretion of fluid, which regularly and in large quantities it falls, in the end everything turns out and remains in the body and weight loss due to splitting prosodic own tissues.


There is strictly prohibited. When it comes to dry fasting – that you can not even use the liquid. If fasting is not so strict, you can drink clean water and water only. In the first days of fasting for beginners allowed a one-time application of water with the addition of a small amount of honey. Slimming, extreme hunger sits on until the balance cherished figures.

Such a diet threatens to dehydration, loss of important minerals that a person gets from food. As with the liquid diet slows metabolism, reduced muscle mass, the body literally clogged with toxins, does not operate properly digestive system, leading to constipation, nausea and vomiting. If fasting is prolonged, it affects the hair, nails, teeth, skin. Reduced immunity, so a person becomes an easy prey to colds and other illnesses.

And the most important test in compliance with such a diet as in the liquid diet way out of it. Organism weaned from food, from the fact that it is necessary to work and furthermore, it exhausted. If you suddenly start eating solid food in large quantities, so even with meat and alcohol, it can lead to the hospital bed.

As a result, you can lose weight by starvation, but you jeopardize your health as during fasting, and after, in addition, many say that those extra pounds and come back pretty quickly, and a key reason for this is to slow down your metabolism, speed and normal operation is possible in the end did not recover.

As for the one-day fasting, you need to know that this metabolism is either returned to normal after only 3-4 days after the experiment.

Is it worth it to sit on a diet, you decide. However, is not it better to change their eating habits and just start to eat?

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