Supplements that help to lose weight

fatTo help the diet necessarily take the following supplements:

Green tea extract concentrated extract gastrointestinal isolated from green tea is an effective fat-burning tool. Action supplements proven by numerous scientific studies. Take 500 mg of extract in the morning and in the afternoon.

CLA type of fat called CLA should enter into your diet if you want to lose weight. Such fats stimulate metabolism of fat in the body, in particular, increase the burning of fats in order to obtain biological energy. Take supplements according to package directions.

Rybii fat

Fats family of omega-3, derived from fish oil is sold as food additive encapsulated. These fats also increase fat metabolism, which leads to faster fat burning. Take 1 to 2 g of omega 3 or fish oil for breakfast, have lunch and dinner.

This vitamin is derived from the meat of lobster, has a proven fat burning effect. However, only the rat. However, scientists believe that the addition of astaxanthin in human food also reduce body fat. Vitamin secret that makes it into the shock delivering fat cell mitochondria where the fat is converted into energy. Well, the mitochondria of rats and humans work the same. Take 4 mg astaxanthin with food twice a day and once before training.

Fat burner to increase the temperature of the body, the body increases the burning of fat. Just use this principle supplements called fat burners. Usually they contain a combination of caffeine, sintering and other components that increase the body temperature. However, by themselves these drugs do not work. They are taken to the sports training. Physical activity always raises body temperature, well, fat burners to increase its critical limits. Thereby dramatically accelerating fat burning. If we take the rest additive, its effect will be practically zero.


This compound structurally similar to the amino acid. Carnitine functions not finalized. However, it is known that it participates in the transport of fats into cellular mitochondria i.e. promotes fat burning. Scientific studies have proven that taking carnation as food additive results in significant weight loss effect. Take 1-2 grams of carnation before exercise.

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