Seizes stress without harm to the figures

dietMany of us gain weight because nervous often at work. After all, as soon as there are problems, just want to eat a piece of cake or a small chocolate bar. As a result, hello, soothing and extra pounds. But we offer you a list of what you can console yourself without harm to the figures.

Wholegrain bread

They are a source of B vitamins, essential for mental health.


They have not only vitamins B, but also magnesium, necessary for a positive perception of life, not for nothing that bananas are considered excellent natural antidepressant.


They are a source of fast carbohydrates that help cheer up.

Yoghurt and cheese

These products contain the amino acid tyrosine, which is necessary for the body to produce dopamine, a hormone of joy.

Sandwich with chicken

This snack will support fading force, but it does not perevoz bodily nervous system, which would be possible if, instead of the chicken was red meat. Bread for a sandwich pick is not white and rye diet ideally – with bran.

A cup of chamomile tea

Even our grandmothers knew that this tea is an excellent sedative. Scientific evidence shows that those who regularly consume this drink less prone to neuroses, irritability and sleep disturbances.

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