Organic foods

fatWhen, thanks to the progress, you can create anything you want, if not always useful when talking about nutrition of course, that the pendulum needs sooner or later met net in the opposite direction: so we want to useful organic products. Such a desire is satisfied

What is biopitanie?

Biopitanie – is to eat organic products organic products, which are manufactured without the use of or with minimal of synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives and without the use of genetically modified foods.

Criteria for organic products:

Produced without the use of harmful technologies ultrasonic treatment, chemical preservation, atomic splitting, radiation treatment, aeration, etc.

Contain raw agricultural origin grown using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other petrochemicals, hormones and growth stimulants and raw materials grown near industrial centers.Not incorporate hereditarily modified organisms products and their derivatives;

Do not contain chemically synthesized preservatives, colorants, flavors, stabilizers, and thickening agents.

The benefits of organic products:

Byproducts contain 50% more vitamins, minerals, nutrients and bioactive agents as compared to conventional products;

In the organic products are no harmful substances.Such products are specific taste properties and a higher nutritional value.

Researchers from Cornell University found that organic foods can lead to obesity! That’s because people are starting to forget that even the most useful food has a certain nutritional value and carries a certain amount of calories and begin to eat it without the guidance of a sense of proportion. Thus, according to presented at the Conference on Experimental Biology in Anaheim reported that organic food is considered an average of 40% less calories than usual.

Biopitanie in the world and in the Russian

Concept of organic food dates back to the 20s. XX century, when the chemicals began to actively use in agriculture. The main principles of pitaniya began improving the quality of agricultural production and environmental protection.

The official status of organic farming has gained only in the 40s. The last century, when England was founded the world’s first Certificate Authority Soil Association, brings together a number of farms. By the way, there are now more than 250 officially registered organizations that certify biopitanie.

Today there are organic restaurants, shops and hotels. And for example, in Switzerl and, anyone buying a ticket for the local train can order organic lunch or dinner.

It should be noted that the CIS system of certification of organic products is still in its infancy, so if you see the writing on the packaging environmentally friendly, bio or organic, know that it is not always a sign that you have a real natural product.

In Russia, at the state level has not yet been fixed notions such as environmentally welcoming, organic.

What can we say, if in 2008, according to San Pin signed by the chief state sanitary doctor of GG Onishchenko, at that time in Russia there was no certified organic producer.

But there is good news for almost a year, how to create a federal bill on the production of organic agricultural products, it is likely that the version of the law last spring, most likely, and will be accepted.

How to choose organic products?

Byproducts selection rules:

Pay attention to the special eco-label on the product of organic origin. For each country, it is normal. Please note again that in Russia, this labeling does not exist yet. This means that many Russian manufacturers voluntarily appends labeling organic product, organic products etc.

Explore the composition. Ideally, bring a printout of the table with an index of nutritional supplements E to see the category of any of them is those that are listed on the package.

Also note the shelf life of products: organic milk can not mope weeks and summer varieties of apples polished not more than 10-15 days.

In choosing organic food can be trusted foreign producers, or choose organic products in specialized ekomagazinah or ekorynkah.

How much is organic produce?

The organic material – this is a special mode of production, valuable in the world of quality and usefulness. So and special price. Unfortunately, organic products in Russia are not cheap. A number of manufacturers claim that this is due to the production technology the qualitative approach, the higher costs of setting up. Some experts say the opposite: organic foods grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides are below cost price, and productivity at the same time higher than the production of “chemical” production, but in reality our stated margin related to the fact that their organic products we have little, we carry from abroad, respectively, on the shelves of organic products are expensive.

Compare, if Europeans for organic products is paying 20-40% more expensive than usual, we have an extra charge can reach 600%!

Alternative organic products: products with cottages

Alternatively bio pitaniya many of us consider the use of vegetables, fruits, berries, grown with their own hands in the cottages. In general, it is considered a good alternative to the mass production of byproducts, but not perfect:

Often we grow food, not knowing anything about the land itself, the soil and its qualitative composition. A mass production of organic products begins with the certification of the earth.

If we are talking about their milk, meat, etc., then again, are not always able to say with certainty how the animals were fed high-quality food, which was the soil of plants that they used. For example, in the production of organic milk is important that the cow was grazing enough, lived in comfortable conditions for example, the stall should not be tight and even, in some way, at slaughter and experience less pain. Moreover, there is even a requirement for the number of hectares per head: one adult dairy cows on the farm must be not less than two hectares. Agree on their own with this approach to quality to compete hard!

That is, all his is significantly better than conventional products and products-forgery under organic, but, of course, worse than these byproducts.

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