Now more detail about diets

lose weightThe first step of the origin of sugar addiction, primary sources, and the basic principles of diets for sweet lovers. In order to fight against excess weight, you need to understand the root cause.

If this is not done, the effectiveness of each and every attempt to lose weight will be reduced to zero. If we consider the sweet tooth with a physical and mental dependency, then you should know that carbohydrates are quickly absorbed and digested. Thanks to its speed, the blood is ejected a large dose of insulin, glucose that spreads throughout the body.

This process causes the body and the human psyche, a sense of joy. And enjoy something really early because as the body gets the necessary glucose in excess, and just does not know how and what to do with it.

It is this excess glucose in huge doses enters the subcutaneous fat. In addition, insulin also excites a crazy appetite and leaves a feeling of hunger even after eating is whets the appetite for the next meal.

For example, if a dinner consisting of a complete carbohydrate, it is not surprising that the dinner will be more generous. However, if for dinner and did not get carbohydrates the hunger again will make itself felt in a very short time. The only way to get rid of a little of this relationship – to be more persistent in their desires. For breakfast and lunch disclaims ingestion of sweet. For dinner, you can already prepare yourself anything. However, the dinner has also some strong disadvantages. Processed food is not the same fervor that during breakfast or lunch.

But if, to abandon the sweet and other carbohydrates in the morning and during lunch, in the evening hunger will not be much trouble any person. Even completely dependent on sugar. It’s not just a board or a temporary diet, it’s the golden rule methodological under this regime rebuild the body once and for all.

How scary would neither sounded these words, but to this rule very quickly get used to, after two weeks dumbfounded people think they can eat pounds of chocolate. The main thing is not to break the rule, because the risk of falling back into sugar dependence is very high.

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