Interesting facts about pasta

fatPasta a universal product: they successfully combine with a variety of sauces, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables, they are the ingredients of soups and casseroles, stews of them do, and even desserts. But not only pasta Muse for cooking, but really a very useful product.

In this fact is no exaggeration, because during cooking pasta, a large number of amino acids – tryptophan, which is through the blood to the brain and is converted into the hormone of happiness – serotonin, why in the end we feel happy. Besides tryptophan improves sleep and even eliminates some forms of depression. Well, in addition to what has been said above vitamins B, which also are abundant in the pasta, to help cope with stress.

Pasta – a rich source of energy, owing to the high content of carbohydrates crabs value consists in the fact that, when split, they provide our body with energy. Due to the fact that carbohydrates make up the pasta, slow and complex, they are for a long period provide energy and give a feeling of satiety for long time scales. In combination with vitamin B1, which reduces fatigue, pasta become truly powerful energy?

There are strong opinion – because of the use of pasta can be better. It’s time to refute this error!

First you need to understand that not all types of pasta are equally dangerous for the figure: Group A pasta made from durum wheat are recommended by experts as the most quality and dietary and pasta group B and C from soft wheat varieties contribute to the emergence of excess weight they are high in calories, and besides, as scientists have found, increase appetite.

If we continue the theme of caloric, it should be noted that regular pasta, the energy value of 270-360 kcal per 100 g dry product, and if they cook, the caloric content is reduced by about 2 times. In addition, the fat content of the pasta is minimal.

That is, if you cook the pasta in the finished dish will not use fatty sauces and side dishes, you get a useful and satisfying dish. Moreover, it will provide you with energy for a long time get rid of hunger and due to the fiber content will speed up metabolism, which also has a positive effect on your figure.

In 1770, the word pasta in England had special significance, meaning perfection and elegance. The expression it’s – pasta that’s macaroni was used to describe something extremely good.

Is curious that the pasta does not only save us from premature aging, but even from its external features. And all because that in the pasta is low in sodium: it is enough to help the body metabolize carbohydrates, but there is no surplus, which could accelerate the aging process. In addition to pasta contains vitamin E to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, not for nothing that it is called the vitamin of youth and beauty!

Useful properties of pasta

Pasta rich in plant fiber. In itself, it is not absorbed, but perfectly absorbs and excretes waste substances, salts of heavy metals and toxins. In addition, thanks to the pasta contained in the tissue improves the function of the digestive system as a whole. Is pasta effectively helps cleanse the body.

We have already said that the pasta incorporates useful vitamins B, but in addition, they supply the body with potassium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, niacin, etc. All that is necessary for proper operation of the body.

Benefits of pasta in the diet of children are obvious, if only because they in a period of growth and development especially need energy.

Pediatricians recommend that children only pasta from durum wheat. Acquaint kids with this product, when they reach 1 year, not before. It is important not to overload the immature digestive system of the child frequent feeding pasta: 2 times a week would be sufficient.

By the way, pasta in a child’s diet is good not only useful properties, but also the appearance of: children like that they come in different shapes and even colors their interest not only there, but also to play with them.

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