How to lose weight without harm to health

fatNutritionist Natalia Minerva gastroenterology told how to lose weight without harm to health.

Soon summer and women are already starting to think about in order to lose a little extra weight gained during the winter. How do you recommend losing weight in a healthy way?

When in doubt, not to harm their health, regardless of age, I would recommend to seek professional help, rather than engage in self-torture in compliance with some new-fanged diets.

I want to give general recommendations: First, try to eat 3 times a day, the most diverse, exclude from the diet of white bread, muffins, sweets, potatoes, porridge noodles. Replace them with whole grain bread, bread from grain porridge cooked in water, durum wheat pasta.

Every day, eat 400-600 grams of vegetables and fruits, do not forget about protein foods – lean meats, marine fish and seafood.

Every day, eat dairy products with a reduced percentage of fat, but not 0%. And of course, observe sufficient drinking regime – 1.5 2 liters of fluid a day.

Way of cooking, gives preference to bake, grill, stewed, steamed or Multivariate, but in no case do not fry in vegetable oil.

And secondly, increase motor activity, try to walk more in the morning, it is desirable to do daily exercises for 10-15 minutes, especially those who do not have the opportunity to attend fitness centers. Train intensively for 2-3 times a week.

Begin to act now to gradually prepare yourself for the summer season and get the desired result.

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