Ginger tea for weight loss

fatOften in search of miracle cures for weight loss ladies blindly follow fashion trends, without delving into the origins, and in fact any means, even the most natural and organic can have their contraindications.

Our opinion is that before you start using any means or products, it is necessary to understand the nature of their impact on the human body – it will bring understanding and awareness in your actions.

Relatively recently received widespread ginger tea or water with ginger and lemon as a tool used for weight loss. That’s what this spice we want to talk about today.

Ginger came to us from the East and is known for many centuries, it has a special popularity inIndia, where it is used in cooking, hot and cold drinks. He earned the reputation of hot spices, as improves blood circulation, tones and invigorates.

Ginger has long been considered a healing and has been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases – from colds to diseases of the digestive tract. But what makes it so useful, and how does it relate to losing weight?

In addition to the saturation of ginger root amino acids, vitamins A and E, it contains tsingiberen – a substance that is in fact essential oil. It tsingiberen accelerates metabolism in the body and burn fat.

Drinking ginger tea is recommended to start with 1-2 glasses a day and gradually you can bring up to 2 liters. But we should not forget that he has unique tonic properties, for good reason ginger is considered a hot spice. It is therefore not necessary to abuse this drink at night – good nights sleep the body needs, even losing weight.

For the preparation of ginger tea can be used both dry and fresh root. But with dry ginger root should slightly reduce the dose, as it differs a great sharpness and more intense flavor. In addition, be sure to strain the drink before consumption. Cut ginger into thin slices or should be possible to rub on a grater, do not forget to pre-clean it from the skin.

There are many recipes for ginger tea for weight loss, so you have the opportunity to experiment with taste, using honey, lemon, mint or even a slice of orange.

The classic recipe for brewing this tea provides cooking root – that when cooking enhances its healing properties. This will require a piece of ginger the size of about 4-5 cm per liter of water. Water should be brought to a boil and put in there chopped ginger and cook for about 10 minutes. After that, the tea is filtered and added to improve the taste of honey and a teaspoon of juice or lemon slice. Drink tea can be either hot or cold state.

But can be used for weight loss and more simple recipes brewing ginger tea. One of the simplest and most common ways is as follows: in a thermos placed one teaspoon of grated ginger and pour boiling water in a volume of 1.5 – 2 liters, insist should be at least an hour, and then use the tea ready in half an hour before meals.

For lovers of mint, fit the following recipe: half a teaspoon of grated ginger root, lemon wedge and 2-3 leaf of fresh mint pour boiling water in a volume of 300 ml, cover and leave to infuse for at least ten minutes. Drink this tea is also recommended for half an hour before a meal.

But the most efficient and effective way to lose weight is considered to be ginger tea, brewed using garlic. To do this, cut a clove of garlic and taken teaspoon finely grated ginger root. Garlic requires chop, pour one cup of boiling water all and insist at least 20 minutes, then strain and drink before a meal for 20-30 minutes. A special feature is that drinking this beverage a day should be at least 8 glasses.

However, ladies, we want to remind you that drinking ginger tea with cakes and buns unlikely to bring you the desired result. Ginger tea will become a subsidiary building block in the overall set of measures that will help you achieve perfection.

Significant role in the process of losing weight plays a proper and balanced diet, as well as the failure or moderate consumption of starchy foods, spicy and salty, smoked food. Even without physical exertion you can not do, so that gym in no case can not hurt. A ginger tea can help maintain your body in good shape will add vigor and will actively influence on the acceleration of the process of metabolism in the body.

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