Fitness Tips for Weight Loss

dietNot all training methods to successfully fight against fat. Other methods, on the contrary, it added. Learn to train properly!

Shakes hard! It would seem that the more repetitions do better. You will spend more energy, and the body to make up for the loss, burn fatter. No, it’s not so simple. Maximum fat burning effect has heavy sets. This is due to the fact that such sets, literally shaking body. All metabolic processes, including the burning of fat, accelerate and many more hours of training can not come back to normal. As a result, for the same comparative period of heavy sets burn fatter by half than sets of 10-25 repetitions.

The secret is that after heavy sets you continue to burn fat at rest.

Kacha easy

Heavy sets burn more fat, because the process is not interrupted and after the workout. As for the light sets, they cause much higher calorie consumption directly in training, but the effect of exercise ends immediately after its completion. Scientists are advised to remove the double benefit of combining both types of loads. Each movement done through 4 sets: the first 2 sets – heavy, and the rest.

Less rest! How to set the British scientists, a short rest between sets doubles the calorie consumption during a training session in comparison with the rest of 3 minutes. Agree, increase energy expenditure by 100% just by reducing the interval of rest between sets – a sensational figure!

POST heat! In a comparative experiment, experienced athletes for 2.5 months was performed on each workout and 1 Setu in the exercise. Set comprise 6-10 repetitions to failure and was supplemented by forced repetitions and static holding weight. Another group practiced the classical scheme and performed exercises on 3 sets of 6-10 reps, and failure was used only in the final set. Weight loss in the first group was much larger. Scientists have found that forced repetitions and static hold weight increased secretion of growth hormone is almost 300%! If you want to lose weight, in training does not feel sorry for yourself. Use methods of increasing intensity, called the principle of Weirder.

Without competition! The exercises with free weights, barbells and dumbbells, forced to work a lot more muscle. This is due to the fact that the body is forced to maintain a balance. In the gym, when the body is stabilized, the exercise is aimed character and loads only the working muscles. The larger muscles involved in the exercise, the greater the power consumption and concomitant fat loss. If you want to lose weight, give up the simulator and blocks in favor of free weights.

Mind Blowing! Fast muscle fibers are cut at lightning speed, but it consumes very much energy. Slow muscle fibers consume energy economically and therefore are responsible for endurance. It is clear that the training program, consisting of exercises that require explosive manner, make lose weight faster. Select a weight with which you can perform 15-35 repetitions and then do exercise in 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions extremely fast. The remaining sets perform in heavy style.

More negative! Negative repeats practically incinerate fat. When performing 3 sets hardest negative reps bench press and squats there is an increase in growth hormone secretion in the incredible 4000%! Each exercise end the negative 3-5 repetitions with a partner or make one final negative set. For this set, select a weight that exceeds the index of your single record by 20%. With the help of a partner, perform with the weight of not less than 5 negative repetitions.

Louder music

Investigations carried out at the beginning of this millennium, confirmed that inspiring emotional music adds to Seto at least 2-3 extra reps. do not confuse this kind of music with loud music chewing gum, which sounds in the modern fitness clubs. As psychologists say, you ought to be selected for training catchy soundtrack favorite tunes. Increasing the intensity of the training automatically means increased fat burning.

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