Drinking diet

slimDrinking diet rather suitable for people who have iron willpower, since this method of getting rid of extra pounds is quite severe, and some experts and did call it hunger strike.

However, this diet really has every right to exist, because it really helps to solve the problem. Weight manages to throw off, and in a short time.

So, what is the essence of drinking diet? Its meaning is simple and is as follows: during the month are invited to eat only liquid, such as coffee, tea, non-carbonated mineral water and various fermented beverages and cocktails, recipes which we present below.

Drinking diet is sometimes referred to as mono-diet, when a person uses only such drinks like tea or yogurt at night. However, this method of weight loss is dangerous and requires constant supervision of specialists. It would be better if the day your body will still be to do the food, nutritional less than 1200 calories.

How does the diet on the body? It’s simple – the stomach is gradually reduced in size, and therefore the desire to eat a large portion disappears. In this case, there is a welcome feeling of lightness throughout the body and tidal energy. But of course all this does not come immediately. In the early days you may have a great desire to eat, and this is due more to the psychological need to feel solid food in his mouth. Among other things, can not do in the first days of this diet without dizziness and weakness. But after a while the feeling of hunger blunted, all tissues and organs are cleaned of toxins.

Ease throughout the body and you will feel a surge of energy around the second week. The biggest weight loss falls on the last 10 days of drinking diet. In this case, the desire to have something non-existent, that is, food does not cause appetite and is not an irritant. However, periods you may be a slight weakness.

The result of this diet depends primarily on what products you use as a beverage, and without significance level of physical activity slimming. Typically, the maximum amount of pounds that you will lose – 15, provided that the drinks that you will use for a month will be sugarless. Slightly less than this figure would be if you drink cocoa or yogurt.

Now a few words about contraindications and possible complications during a drinking diet. This weight loss method is not suitable for people suffering from endocrine diseases and the lack of willpower, as mentioned at the beginning. There is a possibility that during such a diet could be exacerbated chronic disease, for example, pyelonephritis, gastritis and others. Therefore, a preliminary consultation of the doctor can not hurt.

If you do decide to use drinking diet prepare in advance to her own body. Restrict your diet for a week, for example, eating a low-calorie food. Avoid spicy, fried and salty, thereby avoiding a strong appetite. About two days before the start of the diet, replace the drink of the food.

We now turn to some recipes milkshake, which will help you easily transfer this rather austere diet. It is clear that beginners and people with non-hardened force will strictly for a long period of time only drink tea or coffee. In addition, the body needs vitamins.

Cocktail with cherry and the Grenadines

Prepare a drink at any season, because it can be used even frozen cherries. So, we load berries in a blender, a little grenadine, a spoonful of honey, a glass of milk and 100-125 grams of low-fat yogurt. All whisk and enjoy a pleasant taste!

Cocktail with pear

Cut two pears in a blender, add a spoonful of lemon juice, a glass of milk, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey. Mix in an identical manner and drink. The benefits of this cocktail is that, despite the sweet taste of calories in it very little, besides it helps to relieve swelling.

Pineapple cocktail

Another no less useful drink may be called – pineapple cocktail. To make it, we will need: 500 grams of pineapple, 400 grams of low-fat vanilla ice cream, a cup of skim milk and a pinch of cinnamon. All blender mix and divide into five portions, that is, in the case of drinking diet drink this drink you can throughout the day.


Such drink is perfect for use on hot summer days. Take a glass of fresh strawberries, half a cup of fresh raspberries and a quarter cup of fresh blueberries, whisk blender until smooth, then add the mixture into a glass jar with 1.5 carbonated water. Drink this cocktail with ice cubes can be.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the wrong way out of this drinking diet can cause serious harm to your health. You can appear diseases such as enteritis, pancreatitis and others. Therefore, out of the diet, as well as its own entrance into it, it should be gradual.

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