Diets and weight loss tips for sweet lovers

fatAmong people suffering from obesity, nutritionists have long been allocated a separate category – the sweet tooth. These people dream to lose weight, but the diet are the ashes of the innocent weakness. They are willing to give up fatty, salty and spicy in favor of sweets. Love for sugar and sweets in their strength are comparable to alcohol, tobacco or drug addiction. The only difference is that sweet tooth does not cause a social censure. Reprehensible and gossip only overweight, which is a consequence.

For such people there are special tips for losing weight, there are even some diet! However, all should be the measure, and should take into account that does not turn out to sit on some yeast cakes and absorb tons of baklava. Sweet harm figure, but also the beneficial properties of sweets too do not forget! Eat sweets, which are very useful, do not knock the cycle diet, and even promote weight loss, improve health status.

In this case, the case of sugar and carbohydrate addiction, stands a tendency not only to traditional diseases associated with being overweight, but also adds a lot of others. Among them: diabetes and other pancreatic diseases, dental caries and deterioration of dental health in general, goiter, vitamin depletion, skin peeling, and much more. Loving diet works best is when it contains the rest of his life.

Diets designed to rebuild your metabolism by human will, and if you do not understand this, then lost pounds will not take long to wait and come back again. That is why in the first place should be deleted or replaced by some other products. As for diet, designed specifically for the sweet tooth, they, like any other, have its contraindications. Among them: the inflammatory nature of the disease, rash, peeling, itching of the skin of the face and body. In this case, it is best to opt for fruits and vegetables. Coffee and tea try as much as possible to displace useless and even harmful sugar from your diet, in case it can be replaced with honey.

By the number of calories he is almost equal with sugar, but the benefits that it contains a large amount of iron, magnesium and manganese, as well as the fact that the honey is indispensable in the fight against colds. Biscuits and sweets you can achieve great results in losing weight, if you replace the candy and cookies fruits and dried fruits. You can continue to eat candy, because it is quite and is very useful for the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates toxins and cholesterol from the body, strengthens the hair and improves skin condition. Zephyr can also be left in their diet, because it improves the immune system and fewer calories than dried, although it is also a real treasure of protein, phosphorus and iron. Another sweet can leave popcorn and candy.

By the way, dried fruit especially lean is not recommended in the day, we recommend no more than 100 grams, because due to the high concentration of minerals and other substances the body dramatically increases their calorie content.

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