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fatIf the power is powerfully stimulates muscle growth, it is also the main factor in weight loss. Firmly follow the right diet, and along with our tips!

Become pros

Many can not reduce excess weight simply because they are trying to lose weight handicraft, not knowing the scientific axioms. Comparing the effectiveness of different types of diets: low-fat, low-crab and high-protein. It was found that the fastest and most stable result gives high-protein diet, when the consumption of protein is about 40% of dietary energy.

Make a choice! Although the main source of extra pounds is carbohydrates, they are nowhere to go. Carbohydrates supply energy to the muscles. Deficiency of macro nutrients in the diet guaranteed to lead to a drop in physical strength, endurance and overall poor health. A significant part of the eaten carbohydrates inevitably turns to fat. This is the law of nature, from which there are no exceptions. However, science has established that the consumption of raw vegetables, fruits, bread, whole meal and wholegrain cereals, formed from carbohydrates unlike the less fat. In addition, this fat little delayed in the abdomen and waist. But bread made with white flour, pasta, mashed potatoes, etc. Have the opposite effect.

Eat fats

 The body uses dietary fats for energy in a state of physical rest as well as for the formation of trace amounts of the hormones measured in thousandths of grams. It is clear that you need to eat less fat, or the ones that would be redundant, superfluous postponed under the skin. However, the world is a kind of fat that the body is much easier to convert into energy than dense and stubborn animal fats. This fats omega-3, simply put, fish oil and vegetable oil from olives, peanuts and nuts. Such fats without any risk can be up to 30% of calories. The result is a high performance and increased muscle tone.

Do not be afraid of eggs

Egg yolks stuffed to the eyeballs worst form of fats – cholesterol. However, do not be without this fat. Only from cholesterol male body is able to synthesize testosterone. What about the threat of cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels? This should not be afraid if you consume cholesterol to a minimum. Focusing on vegetable fats in the morning Eat 4-6 eggs. As proven by science, it does not entail raising blood cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mystic fruit in the regions where it grows grapefruit, very few people who are overweight. Why would it? Scientists three times a day for half the volunteers were given a large grapefruit or grapefruit juice 300 ml. After 3 months of study participants dropped from 2 to 5 kg. However, they did not make in your dietary habits are no restrictions! The mystery is not solved until the grapefruit. Scientists suggest that it is in some unknown way blocks the action of the hormone insulin, fat accumulates under the skin.

Drink milk

 In-piece skim milk contains much bio active calcium. Such calcium blocks the action of the hormone astrological that accumulates fat aiming at us in the waist area. Besides astrological prevents spend fat for energy needs. Useful for weight loss will not only whole milk but also low-fat cottage cheese and low fat yogurt with no sugar.

Eat apples

Apples, especially juicy and flavorful, contain a special kind of poly phones, which are grown muscle strength and endurance. The same poly phones, much to the surprise of scientists, directly affect the genes that control the burning of fat accumulated around the waist. Admission concentrated poly phones from apples in a laboratory experiment led to a clear reduction of waist volunteers. Scientists believe that regular intake of apples will have a similar effect. Eat a couple of big apple before a workout, and you get no less than 400 mg of poly phones. In this case, you will notice a clear increase of the intensity of the training! This alone will help you burn fatter!

Pepper! Hot pepper, red and black, contains 1 substance captain, which increases body temperature. This is because captain enhances fat loss in a dormant state. Naturally produces more energy, so spicy food usually makes you sweat. The effect will increase if you Capet strongly peppered steak cup of strong coffee. Want to lose weight? Then peppering everything and keep in the fridge ready Tabasco hot sauce.

More nuts! Get into the habit regularly eat nuts. They contain fats that help to lose weight. According to the science, the person actively loses weight even when the nut obtains 40% of the daily calorie intake. If instead of nuts to consume exactly the same animal fats, begins rapid increase of subcutaneous fat. Keep in mind that nuts should be fresh. You do not need the nuts from the supermarket, which in the interests of long-term storage is impregnated with glycerol. A single serving of nuts should not exceed 35-40 g

Whether picky

 If you want to treat yourself to steak, choose beef grass-feeding. Western manufacturers deliberately cultivated cattle on grass. Another beef self-respecting restaurants and supermarkets do not accept. The fact that the power of compound feed reduces the content in beef fat omega 3 that there are also 70%. In addition, this beef is almost completely devoid of healthy fats CLA, is extremely relevant human hormonal system. In the beef grass-feeding fat CLA 500% more! Not only had that beef produced in industrial compound feeds, dry and tough. It in addition has almost no effect gain physical strength, done steak dish number one in the menu athletes of the last century. Beef grass-feeding not only increases muscle tone, but also helps fat loss. Highly fats omega 3 and CLA stronger unwind flywheel utilization of fats in the body.

Mystery avocado

This is surprisingly bold fruit helps to lose weight. The mystery of the paradox was discovered only recently. Firstly, avocado monotonousness comprises fats which the body uses the residue and without delay can not under the skin. Secondly, avocado filled with natural carbohydrate nanotechnology that interfere with insulin, and with it, and the deposition of fat. Besides manipulation helps calcium absorption. As you already know, he successfully fights fat at the waist.

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