Diet by Rachel and Richard Heller

fatDiet is constructed so that it is really possible to sit until the end of his days, and not feel a strong discomfort. Minimum length of dieting to achieve results – 14 days. In this diet is not on the menu every day, there are only a few non-strict regulations: Make your meals less chaotic, eat three times a day on a schedule.

Meals should be as complete, because between them there is prohibited. In case it was not possible to appease the hunger after a meal, you can drink mineral water or boiled, but eat strictly prohibited! Breakfast is considered the main source of energy for the whole day, so for breakfast you can afford absolutely anything, including sweets.

Menu for lunch and dinner should be as less bold, spicy, high-calorie.

For example: fish, cottage cheese, yogurt, cabbage and other vegetables, lean meats, etc. Sweet Tooth is inherently people are very kind, sweet, but weak. They need their own approach. When a person sits on a diet, he is under stress. Internal stress due to unmet primitive desire for food, and crazy hungry, because those favorite and familiar foods become available, were replaced by strict limitations.

All this is accompanied by a complex about her appearance. Diet Heller took into account the terrible psychological pressure, and possibly weakened him. Breakfast becomes salvation, on the background fade boring lunch and dinner.

Over time, people rebuilt and gets used to this routine. Already in the first two weeks is quite possible to lose five to ten pounds. After the first two weeks of weight will not go down so fast until I finally set the end result.

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