Diet ballerinas

fatSuch delicate and fragile ballerina charm of his graceful figure. Observe the ideal weight for them – one of the lines of professional duties. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective diet, it is before you. However, before you go to that you need to consider a number of important nuances.

Before moving on to express diet, prepare the body to changes in the power system using 2 effective days of discharge.

Breakfast. A glass of tomato juice.

Lunch Time. Slice of black bread, 2 cups tomato juice.

Dinner. A glass of tomato juice.

Breakfast. A cup of yogurt or warm milk.

Lunch Time. Slice of black bread, a cup of yogurt.

Without supper.

Personal experience.  Fasting days are very easy, thanks to the consistency of thick yogurt which I chose it on the second day and tomato juice. There during the day almost do not want to. Ideally, drink any other liquid.

Duration: 4-5 days

Menu express diet ballerinas

Breakfast: ¼ pack of low fat cottage cheese with sour cream, raisins, fresh berries or honey. Segment of porridge on the water. Slice of bread whole meal with a slice of cheese.

Lunch: a glass of fresh fruit juice preferably orange or grapefruit, half an hour – an apple with a glass of live low-fat plain yogurt.

Lunch: buckwheat or rice with a portion of fish and fresh vegetable salad, an apple, a piece of dark chocolate.

Lunch: soup with vegetable, fish or light meat broth, without bread.

Dinner: baked fish with steamed vegetables, a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs.

If you – a vegetarian.

Get out of the fish dinner, and from dinner – baked fish, eat the soup at lunch on the vegetable broth, or just have a drink broth.

Personal experience. On the diet you can sit as long as necessary to achieve the desired performance. I kicked off a week of 3.5 kg.

Is believed that the Maya Plisetskaya diet consists of two words: Do not eat but in the media reprinted diet menu brightest star of the ballet, which we can share, however, before deciding on it, be sure to consult a specialist.

Duration:  15 days Weight loss:  8-10 kg from the menu, delete: meat, eggs, dairy products, excitement, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, coffee. Welcome lentils, broccoli, oats, and barley.

Breakfast: oatmeal.

Lunch: vegetable soup, vegetable salad.

Dinner: rice, salad and fish.

Do not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. In between meals you can eat vegetables and unsweetened fruit. Diet dancers as a way of life if you do not want a one-time effect, so you need to adjust your diet and follow it henceforth and forever. To do this:

Familiar now serving halved;

Lunch is always a soup;

Per meal to eat only one protein product, without mixing with the other: do not eat at one time fish and meat;

Include in the diet only low fat dairy products;

Categorically refuse salt, replacing it with soy sauce and spices, soda water and mayonnaise;

A day to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of spotless, still water;

Drinking water is strictly for 30 minutes before eating and after eating an hour

Dinner only light salad from vegetables;

Abstain from alcohol and smoking.

Personal experience.  Such a system supply the author of this article shall apply in a short period after the holidays – for 2.5 weeks – and dropped 7 kg subject to the daily exercises in the morning.

Opinion ballerina: Described diet menu ballerina – quite gentle. Personally, I do not eat in the morning oatmeal, even cereal reserves heaviness in the stomach, which is difficult to rehearse. Cottage cheese in the morning we were not allowed, as well as lunch with afternoon tea. The proper dinner – a light salad, no fish and other wholesome. A key factor in the diet – it’s serious, systematic exercise. But for people outside the profession of such a rigid diet is not necessary, the main thing – to observe the principles of proper nutrition.

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