Aerobic exercise

dietIf you set a goal to lose weight without aerobics can not do. However, not all types of cardio are equally good. Choose the best aerobics!

Left for later! When do cardio? Science has found that aerobic session, arranged immediately after weight training burns fat better. And, for the first 15 minutes of the rate of fat burning cardio is the maximum. This means that during this period the intensity aerobics to be prohibitive. In this case, the fat loss will be particularly significant. Effect of aerobics, strength training undertaken before, was minimal.

Could not be better! The old notion that fat is necessary to harass long aerobic sessions in the style of jogging, proved to be wrong. Most rapidly with overweight crushes interval cardio when you alternate short periods of desperate sprint and slow recovery run.Although such a session only lasts about half an hour and did not have time to spend a lot of energy, it burns fatter for the control period than a long marathon. The answer lies in the effect of inertia. Interval cardio continues to burn fat even many hours after its completion.

The more powerful your sprints within the interval cardio, the fatter you will burn. It is clear that running speed for the final 30-minute session inevitably falls. Natural fault in on a stationary bike enough to fundamentally change the hormonal metabolism. Such spurts to the limit last no more than 30 seconds and still reduce the secretion of the main hormone insulin by 40%! Thus the need for sugar muscle cells increases by at least 25%! Thus, excess sugar in the blood is almost gone. For this reason, and reduced risk of increasing body fat. It turns out that for a successful fight against fat enough 2-3 minutes of hard work!

To the top! To aerobics burn fat, your heart rate should be at least 80% of their maximum age. MP is calculated using the formula 220 minus age in years. Do not like fast running? Meanwhile, the world is a reckless kind of physical activity that almost exhausting the psyche, but is accompanied by a furious heartbeat. This rock climbing. Look in his home town club of enthusiasts of this sport. There certainly has a special trainer. A half-hour training session will take place quietly, but he will burn at least 500 calories a match for interval cardio.

Beat the first! If you dislike sprinting, replace it with a punching bag. In addition to the Hokum and uppercuts will learn kicks, knees and elbows. Continuously lupine on pear in half an hour. You can burn 400-500 calories guarantee, and heart rate probably tipped the scales to the ceiling.

More intense your workout, the faster you will burn excess fat. British researchers found that cyclists overcome distance much faster if every 7-8 minutes doing a couple of sips of isotonic solution. Performing strength exercises, every 10 minutes, drink 80-120 g sports drink. This is guaranteed to increase your endurance and adds unnecessary repetitions. The training intensity will increase, and with it the rise and consumption of fat.

Arise Doctors from Australia for a long time observed a group of 2,000 men and women who exercise regularly. Each of these dedicated training at least 2.5 hours per week. Making measurements of the waist, the researchers noticed that it is thicker in those who spent watching TV daily 30-45 minutes. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the sitting position, even relatively short, slows metabolism and promotes fat storage. They advise all who lead a sedentary lifestyle, get out of the workplace every 20 minutes and do stretching movements.

The truth! A few years ago, nutritionists gave advice to anyone who wants to lose weight, keep a detailed diary with counting calories eaten and fixation on weight loss progress. This method helps to identify overeating and get your diet under control. With the advent of cell phones with portable cameras, psychologists recommend another method. During the week, take photos of everything that you eat. Photos make excess supply so obvious that next week food intake falls by 15-20%!

Even if you realize that you have been offered too big portion and plan to leave some food on your plate, you will not be able to comply with a reasonable measure of a meal. Scientists have provided volunteers in different portions of movie theater popcorn, offering him to stop when they feel that they have eaten enough. Believing that they know the rate, the participants of the experiment always ate 10-15% more popcorn when received from the hands of researchers largest package. It turns out that the sheer size of portions causes us to overeat. If a large dish in front of you, immediately put some food on the other plate, making his share of safe.

Scientists from Japan have made a surprising discovery. They offered the same dish containing 500 calories, two groups of viewers. The first group looked funny humorous show, and the other listens screen tedious scientific lecture. It was found that the first group of the sugar level in the blood increased significantly, whereas in the second – seriously jumped. It is clear that another group of fat added a lot more. It turns out that laughter blocks fat. If so, lean on comedy!

Watching the people who are a little sleep, for 16 years, American scientists have found that the risk of stout for them above 30%. According to researchers, sleep disorders cause a failure in the hormonal system. The secretion of the hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite, decreases, but the hormone ghrelin, inciting desire to eat, the body, produces more. Hormones come in reasonable balance only if you regularly sleep 7-9 hours. However, too long, too bad dream. It slows down the rate of metabolism average.

Useful cud one who chews gum in between meals per day eating less food. This fact was established scientifically. Looks like chewing gum reconfigures reflexes, and the man is lazy to chew solid food. Scientists recommend cud anyone who wants to lose weight.

Tempo diet is critically dependent on the degree of physical activity. To force yourself to move more, go to the new habits. Forget the elevator and go up to any floor foot. Each end of the long day walking, and even hour to run. In the store also go on foot, and on weekends need to go on long skiing or cycling tours.

Back to Jump Rope! Fitness industry invented the so-called vibration exercise equipment. Shiver platform on which you have to exercise powerfully enhances muscle tone. When the researchers placed on a similar basis vibrating cage with guinea mice, they suddenly began to lose weight. At first, researchers have linked this effect with stress, but weight loss continued when the stress response in mice has passed and they have adapted to the vibration. Scientists believe that the rope is not for nothing is the most effective tool for weight loss. Make a significant contribution to the rhythmic jumping. Researchers advise anyone who wants to lose weight quickly, leave stationary cardio machine and return to the tested rope.

If you have nowhere to run and no time to buy a cheap home video game Dance Revolution. It is equipped with a special light-floor platform, which helps simulate the fast dance moves. The game makes spend 10 calories per minute, which is equivalent to an intense run. As a result, you will be able to bump at any time convenient to you, without leaving home.

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