5 insanely simple tips for weight loss

fatIt is not necessary to torment themselves strict diets or starvation. We have prepared five simple rules that will help you to always be in shape.

1. A glass of water before each meal

Recent studies have shown that people, who drink 2 glasses of water before meals, consume fewer calories and lose weight more intense. Researchers attribute this to the fact that water helps to control hunger and promotes saturation.

2. Eat nuts

Nuts help keep longer feeling of satiety. They do not raise blood sugar levels, so does not accumulate body fat.

3. Get rid of transparent containers for food

This is especially important during business hours. While in your field of view, the food does not stop to seduce. Keep products away from the eyes.

4. Access to the gym before work

Scientists have proved that doing mental work all day, in the evening you are less likely to participate in sports. So do not forget about the morning workout that will help you make haste to wake up and strengthen your body!

5. Seasoned food pepper

Adding a teaspoon of red pepper in the food, you are helping your body burn more calories. It is particularly important to add it to the fat and salty foods.

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