The cause of excess weight

dietTen-year research dietitians were not in vain. Science allows us to not only determine how different foods affect health, but also to study their property on the body in more detail, namely, at the molecular level.

For the normal functioning of all major organ systems and man our body needs sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals – not only of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Today, many foods are composed of fat and believe that fat is applied to the body only harm is wrong. They complete a variety of functions, is an brilliant source of energy, protecting the body from hypothermia, damage to internal and external bodies.

Fats in the body create a keep back, which can be filled and then used when needed. Moreover fats are used in the construction of intracellular membranes and other biological structures in the body.

It is known that fats come in two forms. Vegetable fats – is an alternate version of harmful animal fats. Consumption bad fats, in turn, leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. And he, as one would expect, contributes to obesity, the development of cardiovascular diseases and is often a cause of asthma.

Thus, we can conclude that fats are useful and harmful. By bad fats include Tran’s fats. That they are like?

Trans fats – is one of some varieties of unsaturated fats. How are they made? Vegetable oils are heated to very high temperatures and then chased hydrogen there through. Thanks to this manipulation, the mass thickens and turns solid fat. The resultant product is widely used for the manufacture of margarine, confectionery fats to improve the palatability of products as well as for long-term storage. In this case, Tran’s fats cause great harm to the body.

Once upon a time, there was a time when Tran’s fats, such as margarine, used everywhere. Margarine once even managed to displace such a useful and tasty product like lard. Until now, use butter people who have low incomes.

It was found that Tran’s fats can adversely influence health, namely:

• They are actively development of diabetes;

• Negative impact on the condition of the connective tissue;

• Are able to reduce the level of male hormones, as well as impair the composition of the sperm;

• They actively reduce human immunity;

• Contribute to disrupt cellular metabolism and therefore cause atherosclerosis and obesity, the active development of cancer cells, blurred vision, etc.

• Trans fats have a negative impact on breast milk, adversely affect fetal development;

• Reduce the body’s confrontation to stress;

• Cause mood swings;

• Increases the risk of wakefulness and depression of varying severity.

We also know that in addition to the bad fats, Tran’s fats are able to displace the good fats, and at the same time reduce the protective functions of the body. Tran’s fats can cause breast cancer in women, cancer and diabetes. They also have a negative impact on the immune method, as well as hormones.

In addition to the harm to the health of Trans fats are capable of bringing us hateful pounds. It has been proven by nutritionists that eliminate from their menu foods that contain them, it is possible to lose weight in 30 days by 7-12 pounds! That should be excluded from your diet?

In large quantities contain transfers loved by many our sausages and even a product, without which no cost, no table the bread!

What to eat? Try to eat only organic foods: meat, eggs and servant and dairy homemade products.

In many countries, such as Denmark, it is illegal to sell products, as part of which contains more than 2% of Trans fats. We, unfortunately, manufacturers realize foods, which hold about 20 percent and higher Tran’s fat. If you want to have good health and a beautiful figure, your task – to recognize them and to opt for organic food.

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