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dietThe choice of means for weight loss in the first place should pay attention to their ingredients. A positive aspect is the presence in the composition of natural extracts and herbal extracts, since the chemical compositions may be less effective as malicious and have on the irreversible effects

Recently, on everyone’s lips – Garcinia Cambodian. About this plant is referred to as a wonder drug for weight loss. But as often happens, they all say, but few people know what is it like it is and how useful and effective is actually.

Garcinia Cambodian mainly grows in South Asia, belongs to the family sealers and is a type of evergreen tree. The fruits of this tree look similar in shape to a small pumpkin and are widely used in Thailand and South India in the form of salad dressings, as a preservative for fish. In addition, these fruits deserve the glory of the product has a beneficial effect on the digestive processes, and promotes rapid saturation.

GarciniaCambodiafruits completely edible – and the pulp and rind. But it is in the skin is the largest number of hydroxycitric acid, the effect of which is fundamental in the process of losing weight, which we consider below.

Let us briefly enumerate the actions that have on the process of weight management Cambodian Garcinia:

Slows tumor fat;

Helps to return to normal blood sugar levels;

Reduces appetite;

Systematic use enhances immunity;

Increases the level of serotonin in the body, leading to an improvement in mood and reduces uncontrolled binge eating, emotional state associated with – for instance, in times of stress;

Reduces the desire to eat sweets;

Contributes to the buildup of glycogen in the liver;

Slows down the procedure of conversion of carbohydrates into fat;

Lowers cholesterol levels;

Significantly reduces the risks of fatty liver.

As you can see, the list went pretty impressive, and move factor of all these processes is hydroxycitric acid found in the rind of GarciniaCambodia. Consider in more detail its impact.

1. Suppression of hunger – this contributes to the normalization of blood glucose levels, which in itself becomes a signal to the brain about the saturation. In addition, the acid and reduces cravings for sweet foods. Thus, it acts on receptors in the brain, exerting a regulating effect on appetite.

2. Slow down processes of transformation of energy in fat – This action is based on a certain similarity of hydroxycitric acid, citric acid, which inhibits the activity of the enzyme citrate lease and how, as a result, there is a blocking fat synthesis.

3. Helps burn fat and reduce the amount of fat directly in the cells – hydroxycitric acid, figuratively speaking, prevents insulin to open cell infiltration of new fat, but it opens the cells to the output of fat and promotes their active burning.

The main form of release Garcinia Cambodia for admission as a drug for weight loss – it supplements containing hydroxycitric acid from 50% to 80%. Practice has shown that the effective result is obtained receiving these drugs at a dose of 250mg to 900mg at least three times a day before meals. In this case, a decrease in appetite by 40-45% within 6-7 hours after administration, and an average of 30% throughout the day.

We would also like to note that in recent years the company is actively exploring this plant for its possible use in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer. In the skin of the fruit GarciniaCambodiafound a powerful component xanthochymol, which, according to preliminary studies, is able to exert inhibitory effect on cancer cells. So it is quite possible that in the near future, the use of drugs on the basis of this amazing plant in its properties will reach a new level.

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