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weightElena Baykova currently holds the post of head of the department of psychotherapy specialized medical center Dr. Bormental.

Over the past 12 years, the specialist psychotherapist and PhD closely involved in the decision problem of overweight faced by her patients.

Diet Helena Baykova or rather, it has developed a technique to get rid of food addiction has helped tens of thousands of people to find desired proportions.

Few people know that this spectacular woman, who at 37 years old weighs 56 kg, after the birth of her daughter, won more than 20 pounds plump. And in the 26 years she was compulsory to wear the 50th clothing size. And her weight at that time was 75.5 kg, with growth of 1.62 m.

In an effort to reduce the mass of the body, Elena tried many things: different diets, counting system consumed kilocalorie and even Chinese tablets. All of these methods have failed. Moreover, the use of special pills and drugs for weight loss produced by specialists of China, called highly addictive and caused permanent despair. Getting rid of all of these side effects become possible only under the supervision of specialists, psychologists prescribe antidepressants Elena.

It was in this period came to her awareness of the fact that the increase in weight causes the aggregate of the following factors:

• Availability of food addiction. Person perceives food not as a source of nutrients, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and so on. D. and as a way to have fun. After all, as proved by scientists, the consumption of fatty and sugary foods causes a reaction of the brain, similar to the one being sought addicts consume cocaine;

• Chronic dissatisfaction with his life, the desire to seize their resentment, grief, fears, and so on. D.

Taking into account all of the above,Helen Bayova formed a number of basic rules that necessarily for everyone looking to reduce your weight:

• The need to recognize himself in the existence of the problem of excess weight and food addiction. Elena herself quietly says that is postage like, which is very difficult to give up your favorite jellied meat, fat pork, home sharp and ointment cakes. And, in her opinion, the awareness of the problem – it is one of the most important steps to a successful adjustment of supply;

• It is important to ask for support for loved ones. After all, what is a home power system and fillers refrigerator depends largely on the success of achieving the intended purpose;

• To get rid of food addiction to combine dietitians and psychologists. After craving for forbidden foods, such as fatty desserts, fast food, sophisticated salads with mayonnaise .Lies in our heads. According to Elena, no gene hereditary tendency to corpulence, a gene inheritance irregular eating habits;

• Ongoing compliance with the new food rules. According to Elena Baykova, there are no former pischegolikov. Therefore, returning to the old way of life, you can rapidly gain weight.

What is the dependence on food differs from the craving for drugs? In fact, the difference is huge: a return to the reception of psychotropic drugs will inevitably lead to your death, and forbidden foods can be consumed, but quite rare and subject to strictly limit their number.

What is included in the list of banned products? This list can include the following items:

• Any fatty meats, especially pork and lamb. According to Elena, there meatless variations of these products;

• Sausage, hot dogs and sausages – empty food, not bringing the body to use;

• Cheese, which inAmericais recognized as festive and not daily food;

• Vegetable oil. In the 1 st. l. This product contains 107 calories. For contrast, 100 gr. borscht with meat will provide you receive 30 kcal;

• Fast food, chips and others. One burger can load your body is 700-900 calories. A 100 gr. chip contains 488 calories. For comparison, a similar number of natural corn ensure you receive only 88 kcal and where large amounts of protein and minerals;

• Pastries, nuts, and so on. D.

By eliminating these foods from your diet, or plummeting their consumption to a minimum, it is possible to achieve the most effective weight loss. Moreover, according toHelena, which is winner of rapid weight loss, reset 20 kg is quite realistic, and in just 5 months. The main thing – to refer to specialists in psychology and nutrition. First identify the causes of food addiction, and the second – to develop an individual nutrition program that takes into account all the individual characteristics of the patient.

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