Beach Diet

fatThe so-called Beach Diet, whose author is an American medic Agatston, stands out against the environment of many other diets. Keeping a diet, you do not doom yourself to hunger, your body will go into all the needed nutrients and you get rid of extra pounds and become healthier.

From the very beginning the diet and was addressed to fat people, besides suffering from heart disease.The diet consists of three phases. The first time you eat protein foods: lean meat, seafood, eggs, cheese and nuts. Permissible almost any vegetables as well as mushrooms and herbs. Olive oil and sunflower oil are also welcome.

But it is also great, and the list of products that are at this stage is prohibited. To exclude all those foods that contains a lot of carbohydrates. These products include: rice, potatoes, corn, meat fat varieties, milk, bread, juices, berries and fruits, alcoholic beverages.

Are you sure you will not feel hungry, because protein foods will nourish you absolutely. Often have better but the fractional portions.

The second stage lasts longer. It is necessary to hold out until then, until you reach the desired results, or until it stops at the same place for a long time. During this stage, it is not compulsory to eat frequent small meals, but the list of permitted foods supplemented dairy products lowfat, fruit and berries, you can add the black bread and unpolished rice. You can also afford a glass of wine and a small politick dark chocolate.

In the third stage fixed all the success you have already achieved. This period is necessary to reduce the number of meals to four. At this period, you can previously have almost everything that was previously impossible. All except white bread, pastry and sugar. You can not lean on sweet.

At the same time, which extended this period? Well the answer is: if you want to, it’s forever. Seeing in the mirror likeness, it is expected that you will not want to part with their more vigorous and graceful new way.

Author diet has the audacity to claim that breaking the first two stages, you are not going to use harmful products. Of course, sometimes allowed to violate the strict rules, but your new lifestyle you surely will be much nicer. The advantage of this diet is a rich variety of products, free acquisition of your diet, besides diet can not be called a hungry and it has beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels, which is especially important for hypertensive patients.

The disadvantages of such a diet is called the complete exclusion of sweets, which is extremely difficult for a sweet tooth and unstable results in the first phase loss kilograms.

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