Your best weapon to lose weight

fatIf you wonder how to lose weight in the most effective way possible, here are some very important in sequence. If you think that cardio is the solution, let me tell you it is not. Any exercise is better than nothing but, as indicated by the latest scientific research, calisthenics would be less effective to burn fat and lose weight afforded.

To maximize the positive effects of body toning exercises, you have to vary the concentration of your workouts. This keeps her body in a constant state of adaptation, makes the interesting exercises and encourages further fat loss.

Why cardio is not effective for weight loss?

First, the human body is made so that you can perform physical activity at intervals of consecutive intervals recovery effort, rather than performing the same activity constantly.According to recent scientific research, intensity variation is a crucial element of a workout for weight loss. Humans are the only creatures on this planet trying to carry out activities of ‘resistance’ as long distance running at the same speed all the time.

Another thing to bear in mind is that cardio is very inefficient to burn calories and increases the production of free radicals in the body , accelerates wear of joints, reduces the activity of immune function, causes wear accelerated muscle and leads to a pro-inflammatory response that contributes to the development of chronic diseases.

That is the variable intensity training and why is it better?

Go with a variable intensity training during training sessions involves performing intervals or periods of high intensity workouts followed by periods of low intensity.

One strategy you can use, for example, is running fast for 30 seconds and then walks or jog for a minute or so, repeating this for several cycles. The same apply to swimming, cycling or any other activity that continues realizabas way too far.

Besides this, the exercise of varying intensity allows the heart to adapt to a much wider range effort as it is in a constant state of change in heart rate. This is one of the best ways to strengthen him to the heart, which will be adapted over time has practically any situation. The effortless walk or jog not allows the heart to train this more fully.

Also, cyclic intensity exercises provide a recovery period between bursts of effort. This recovery period is imperative for the body to generate a healthy response to extreme stress.

The secret weapon of this type of training is that it lets you keep burning calories even after finishing the exercises. This is because, unlike the continuous cardiovascular exercise, changeable concentration training raises your metabolic rate not only during exercise but later! This means you can continue to burn calories at an accelerated pace throughout the day if only you did a workout of 30 minutes at varying intensity. The rate of metabolism is one of the most important factors for weight loss. The more your metabolism is high, the more you burn calories during the day and can lose weight more quickly.Variable intensity training How to apply this training to your routine sports.

Competitive sports such as tennis, football, basketball etc. include naturally effort intervals of varying intensity. Swimming variable intensity can also be very effective if you want to lose weight as a workout that works the whole body. However, the most effective way to burn fat and lose weight is the Sprint training of varying intensity. This involves making hurry at full speed for 10 to 30 seconds, follow by a rupture of 30 seconds walk, during which you can recover before the next sprint. Make a cycle of 10 variables sprints lets you burn a lot more calories than a jogging several hours by increasing the metabolic rate.

It is advisable to incorporate this training method progressively in your exercise routine if you’ve never done much sport. At the beginning, you should leave a few days between workouts to allow the body to recover effectively.

Incorporating a healthy diet is very important. In this article you learned more about the most effective weight loss workout. However there is no sport that lets you eliminate excess weight and abdominal fat if you do not incorporate a healthy lifestyle to your diet. The combination of effective training and healthy diet will allow you to drop a couple of pounds each week.

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