Top tips to gain muscle

fatLately many ask yourselves ye me through the blog, twitter or forum you a few tips on a given topic. Something along the lines of Top 10 tricks to, Top Five information for as if it were a ranking and, in part, is because people do not want to complicate your life. We are made of a paste that assimilates better than four strokes give four lectures, easy to understand and carry out, plus they offer us, if possible, results amazing.

A mistake because, if we started so few results we obtain in any aspect of life that requires minimal determination, effort or sacrifice.However, you can become our ally to help readers achieve their results because in this way we get better capture your attention.

One of the recurring themes is how to gain muscle mass, the best tips and tricks to maximize the results in this field. I thought he always liked 7 because it’s the number he wore when he played basketball or football so, after analyze in intensity, these would be my top seven tips.

1. Focus on the exercises complexes rather than single joint. For those who follow the blog this is not a new topic. If we want to gain muscle mass need a metabolic response which increases the secretion of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone since it is this kind of hormones anabolism those with the ability to increase protein synthesis .This is achieved using exercises complexes where a lot of it involves muscle mass. Exercises like the bench press, squat, dominated or headlight would be the key. It is a misconception that makes these bicep curls will grow faster.

2. Do not abuse the machines of fitness. I do not know who would put the name to these machines but certainly did not know much physiology. If we want to involve as much muscle mass as possible is a mistake to use those machines that stabilize the year for us. In a bench press a lot of work muscles responsible for stabilizing the plane of movement that are not working when we make a press machine, so that the hormonal response will be less. Not to mention that anybody has two symmetrical hemispheres when it seems that whoever designed these machines think so.

3. Forget the myth of the phase volume and phase of definition. The phase of amount where the individual gets all the weight body to be an abnormality, baloney that far to get to win more muscle mass if it can seriously affect our health. The living being needs a number of nutrients to enhance the recovery of the energy consumed and regenerate damaged tissue. Consume more than is strictly necessary to meet this demand will not make us gain more muscle mass but fat.

4. Do not confuse training of strength with hypertrophy. They are not equal. It is very common to find who believes that to gain muscle mass you have to move the maximum weight you can. This is a mistake because nothing does a strength training oriented one gain muscle mass. For this you need to work at a range of high repetitions, from 8 being the most important time under tension, the volume of training, and recovery from partial series that burden. You are wrong if you think that the more muscular athletes are the strongest. A rugby player and ice hockey NHL may well move up to 50% more weight than a professional bodybuilder.

5. Beware of stimulants like caffeine. While that may help us improve our performance, they also have a potential effect of cortical, a metabolic hormone that can ruin our training and prevent obtain the results desired. Remember this rule, stimulants ever before training, ever after.

6. Sleep enough. Lack of sleep can affect the process of recovery and regeneration of damaged tissues during training, lengthening the time of recovery needed for a full recovery. This can make it back to training before you have recovered, or have to wait more days before returning to coach the same year. At the end, all consequential in lower results.

7.   The protein is important but not the king of the diet. It’s amazing how many people think they can only maximize results possible use of the supplements. Friends, what you think are made shakes protein? For nutrients extracted from the food itself. There therefore needs to be more effective but quite the opposite. Today if we give a lab rat all known nutrients in isolation dies. This is because we are still discovering new nutrients, substances hitherto unaware or did not know to what extent were crucial to the proper functioning of the body. How important is protein? Of course they do, but we must not forget that we need carbohydrates to increase its penetration in the muscle cell due to the insulin tropic effect of mixing and many other nutrients that help the protein synthesis and other metabolic processes and not found in supplements.

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