Tips to lead you and keep your resolution

fatI finally found a way to track my exercise routine diligently, allowing me to keep my resolutions in 2015. The proof: I completed my first half-marathon a few months ago, and in have not congested working out since! Here’s what worked for me:

1. Set a goal. Then secure another

I got married there a few months ago: obviously this motivated me to get in shape for the big day. To help me give the starting signal was my sport, I enrolled in some races.

I ran the 10km the Sporting Life 10k in support of Camp Ouch. My marriage with a history link, I might lose my motivation and replace my regular drives marathons Nettle. But I have selected instead to aim even higher and run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon inSan Francisco. The idea is to always have new goals.

2. Find an exercise partner

A friend of mine lives not far from me: therefore we do our regular morning run together and are programming workouts to two. Tips to lead you and keep your resolution It’s much more fun to train in good company, and this gives us an opportunity to see us. In addition, it forces me to be diligent. As I know my friend waiting for me to our meeting 7am, I have no choice but to shake me out of bed!

3. Plan and sign up and pay in advance your course

There are a few months I started programming my workouts a week in advance and put them on my Google Calendar, just as I do with any appointment. This greatly facilitated the management of my time! This system also helps me to choose what type of course I’m going to focus for a given week, and then allows me to me to register in advance. Tips to lead you and keep your resolution since most gyms I frequent demand to cancel a course at least four hours before, I can not cop out at the last minute. If I neglect the workout, I will lose a course already paid.

4. Give yourself a financial incentive

At the beginning of the year, I read the bog Erin Phalanx on how to create good habits. This inspired me to start a Piggy Bank Form for each workout or physical activity that I do, I slip in the piggy bank $ 2. So far I have used the money for wedding-related expenses, but now that the ceremony is over, I can use the savings to reward me or spoil me. There is even an application, Gym Pact, which helps you save money by exercising!

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