The most popular weight loss diets

fatHow to Lose Weight Due to the high number of people who are in a state of overweight around the world, has developed a whole range of diets to lose weight in order to solve this problem. In this article we will discuss the most popular diets, to thereby propose a solution for weight loss.

Paleolithic Diet

The Pale Diet gets its name from the food eaten by our ancestors in the period known as the Paleolithic. At that time the type of food consumed was very simple because they could not still produce processed food.

The principle behind this diet is that humans, like any living thing, it takes thousands of years to adapt to a specific diet and taking into account Pale Diet foods for humans are genetically adapted to consume. This includes removing excessive quantities of wheat, soybeans and corn currently consumed foods that were never consumed by humans in the amounts they are at present and increasingly can prove that their excessive consumption causes a number of health problems. Besides this, now mostly soy and corn are consumed genetically modified causing harmful effects to health and the environment.

Diets for Weight Loss

This is one of the best diets to lose weight you can use, and also will prevent many diseases that are the result of the consumption of processed foods from your current diet. Everyone should follow this type of diet, not only those who want to lose weight, because this diet allows following a healthy lifestyle and many people have managed to improve their health considerably with this type of food.

Topsides fed mainly of animal and vegetable origin. The objective to be achieved when using the Pale diet is to have high energy levels and maintain a healthy weight. We must take into account that the Pale diet is not a fad, or a fad diet. It is a healthy lifestyle that has allowed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to achieve a healthy weight.

The goal of this diet is to make you lose weight by eating no crabs. But first you have to take into account the fact that this diet has to be controlled, it can cause damage if not used properly and for the time necessary. Among the diet to lose weight, this is the body that leads to what is known as a state of ketosis, in which the body has depleted and energy consumption of all normal sources, and is then ready to use it found in fat, which makes a person lose weight.

What is produced in the body is a lot of keenest, which make your work to haul out the energy from fat, to make it available to all organisms. One of the best things about this diet is that you should not lose muscle. Side effects are bad breath, and this is due to the high presence of ketenes in the body. Drinking plenty of water will make this effect is reduced. Do not follow this diet for more than 28 days, as your body will no longer be able to withstand long without carbohydrates. It is also essential that you consult a nutritionist, to thereby be assured that everything will be fine. It should also mean you have to eliminate sugar in the diet, eat meat quality, and use vitamin supplements.

Detox Diet

The best detox diets include oranges, peaches, apples and avocados. Also incorporated in the diet of blue-green algae, spinach, among others. There are many variations of this type of diet but generally incorporate high intake of vegetables, legumes and fruits. Lemon is one of the main components of the diet, and between diets for weight loss, it occupies an important place. Now, you should know that this diet while keeping it energized causes the body to stay clean in terms of toxic. This diet excludes all process foods and many animal products. Unlike the Pale diet that canister is maintained for life, it is not prudent to follow the detox diet for a long time because the human body can not function optimally if it is in a constant state of detoxification. Besides this, dietary restrictions required by this diet can cause serious nutritional deficiencies in those who remain for a long time. This diet usually lasts for seven days because, as the name implies, its main objective is to detoxify the body.

Raw food diet

This type of diet is based on dry, vegetables, fruit and seeds. Some variants of this type of diet include raw meat, eggs, or raw milk products. We must also add that some followers of this diet, which is among the popular weight loss diets include organic food, unprocessed, or that has not been cooked or heated.

This diet makes constant use of raw fruits and vegetables, the have not been treat with pesticides. Fruits and vegetables must be consumed fresh not having undergone any preservation, and preferably, they are of organic origin. Dairy products included in this diet are not pasteurized. We can mention raw milk, raw cheese, yogurt and oil. Uncooked eggs and organic are also part of these diets to lose weight with raw food.

The lettuce, broccoli, and nuts are preferred by consuming these diets to lose weight. Some grains and other foods that using this type of weight loss diets tend to use can damage the body when eaten raw and is why it is so necessary to take into account suggestions from your nutritionist to this form avoid any inconvenience in the future.

The Dukan diet is a diet native France. It is a protein-based created by the French doctor Pierre Dukan diet. The diet is based on a list of more than 100 foods allowed and is composed of 4 phases: molest, motor, consolidation and stabilization. The principle of the Dukan diet is to promote protein consumption at the expense of carbohydrates and lipids. Is a high-protein watching your weight and calorie reduction lipids? This method is similar to a nutrition rehabilitation to which patients are conditioned to have a relatively strict food discipline. The strong reduction in consumption of carbohydrates and lipids forces the body to I use their fat reserves. When fat reserves melt, a significant amount of fatty acids are released into the blood, giving you adequate work to the liver and kidneys. This requires that those who follow this diet drink a lot more water than usual to prevent any complications in your health.

We made a brief flyby of the most popular weight loss diets: the Paleo diet, detox diet, cacogenic diet, uncooked food and the Dukan diet. All have their pros and cons, and it is advisable to consult or under the supervision of a nutritionist, so you can lose weight and stay healthy without serious complications. Among all the diets we’ve seen, the Paleo go on a diet is the healthiest and the most recommended given that its main objective is to facilitate people to lead a healthy life and, at the same moment lose weight.

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