The most effective exercises

fatExercises can be performed at home or in the hall, but with both technologies must be held, so that the practice is safe and effective. Good training movements and forms can be found in a lot. This Most Effective Exercises’, the seven most effective and functional.

1. Walking.

Walking can be practiced anywhere, at any time, on the treadmill, or the terrain. Beginners should start small, that is, a 5-10 minute walks and gradually moves to at least a half-hour walk to. Advances can increase the distance and speed, so that the good organization remains constant at a good level.

2. Interval training.

Please interval training, the fitness program. Interval training to improve fitness, burn more calories and facilitate weight loss. The basic idea is: by varying the intensity of the workout. Challenge between the body and in turn alleviate the deliverables. That is, novena speed or power for two minutes, after which palatable 2-10 minutes depending on how long you take toupee. Repeat the exercise.

Squat put to work several muscle groups: the thigh muscles, hamstring and gluteus muscles all at the same time. Keep your feet position and your back straight. Bend your knees and lower the back side as if you were sitting in a chair. Stretch out your arms forward and keep looking forward directed. Initially, it can find the correct squatting depth, the depth of the chair to put behind them and sit on a chair completely and then rise. Next, do not sit on a chair, but do not let the buttock only touch the chair cover. In the end, give up the chair in size.

Such as the squat, lunge affects a wide range of different muscle groups. Lunge also develops balance. Take a long step forward and keep your back in a straight line. Bend your front leg about 90 degrees, and the back knee towards the floor, but do not let it touch the ground.

Pushups are developing breasts, shoulder, triceps and abdominal and reverse muscles. Put your hands slightly wider shoulders with the face towards the position. Get up toes or knees. Keep you’re abdominal and buttocks tight. Bend your elbows so that the ribcage is close to the ground and get your hands upon. Do not give back a groan, but should notLimastraight. Gets heavier lifting the feet even on the couch or in a chair, upon which the hand moves more weight.

Go supine with the legs at 90 degrees and the hands behind the head fingers crossed. Lift your knees towards the end of the first, then the neck, shoulders and upper back off the ground. The movement may be more effective by raising the legs into the air so that the thighs and the abdomen are formed between the right angle. This is also developing hip flexor.

This movement affects the entire upper back and biceps. Stand hartianlevyisessä position and bend your knees slightly so that the chest is in front. Contact weights grip, bend your elbows and lift weights, so that the weight of the rod stop region of the umbilicus. Stop motion for a moment and repeat business from the beginning.

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