The laser is an additional weapon

fatThe laser is still a relatively new technology in France, which remove overload fat localized and simultaneously improves sagging skin. Introduced under the skin, it destroys the fat cells directly. Update on this local treatment with Dr. Catherine Gorse.

What is the principle of laser hypodermic?

Dr Catherine Gorse: The laser job is recent in France but it is used for ten years abroad. Hypodermic means that we will intervene directly on fat. It plays a very fine incision to inject a liquid anesthetic, on the one hand, and then to introduce a second needle through which passes an optical fiber laser. This will inject photons which go directly destroy the wall of fat cells. Their lipid happy is discharged and is then eliminated naturally by the macro phages, specialized blood cells in the elimination of damaged cells.

What are the interests of hypodermic laser

Dr Catherine Gorse: It hypodermic laser does not treat large areas such as saddlebags or abdomen. It is only for small localisations. En more burst the fat cells, the fact that coagulates the surrounding small vessels is an advantage because with this mode of action, the laser does not cause Hecate, no blue, as is the case with the three current treatments against cellulite: liposuction, injection of hypothalamus solution hypnotherapy or injection of phosphorylation.

The laser also cause a little skin retraction, leading to better skin after intervention.intervention. Interpret of this laser is that it also is carried out in ambulatory, this is to say that does not require an intervention in the operating room and requires a simple anesthesia home.

However, the fallout are not immediately visible precisely because injections of anesthetics that cause swelling in the treated area. This gives a first result after 5-6 days, but the real result is that after 2 or 3 months. You should be familiar with that only one laser session is sufficient.

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