The ideal weight

fatThe ideal weight is calculated based on the height, but we must also take into account other variables such as age, number of children or lifestyle.

Yes you want to know what you’re ideal weight can use our calculator weight and thus know if you spare a few pounds.

The ideal weight is pr opium of each person, the ideal weight is one with which we feel good, which our body needs to stay in shape and good health.

A diet always is based on the sport, balanced diet, consistency and control by a specialist.

It is no use doing strict diet, then eat again and then return to dieting.So all you get is a yo yo effect that will make you gain weight instead of losing it. But we will not deny that there are many times that anxiety diet is what makes us skip the first regime change. That’s why I teach some tricks to eliminate anxiety when you diet and other tips to keep your diet in a restaurant. Avoid the temptation!

To maintain a healthy and balanced diet is important to consider a number of fattening foods without being aware of it, generally beverages, and seek to suppress or moderate consumption thereof. You can also look at carbohydrates that less fat or these 10 foods to lose weight without dieting to know what to eat and what not to abuse your day.

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