Sweat belt and flat stomach

dietSweat belt and flat stomach a widely held belief is that the effectiveness of involving the wearing of a sweat belt and sport to lose belly fat. The fact is that wearing it by the same small sport intensity quickly causes heavy sweating, so a significant loss of water but by no means a loss of localized fat.

This efficiency is illusory. A lap belt sweating called prone belt wrong is totally ineffective. Sweating does not lose weight, whether in a particular area of the body, either locally or in general. More details are available on this subject by following the internal link next Sweating Belt to lose belly fat

Build muscle belly by taking the volume

His abdominal muscles is effective to have a toned tummy and wrapped but if the method is concentric with very long series run at a slow pace, especially with fillers, there is a risk of increased muscle fiber size and connective tissue, or take mass is not the intention. But then, how do? Not flat stomach

How muscle belly

It does not have to wonder how many do but what abdominal muscles and especially how to work them. Sweat belt and flat stomach to build muscle without gaining volume must work ply metrics egg for abdominal oblique, with times of springs and short, dynamic movements, or isometric exercises by ventral sheathing. This type of exercise has little influence on muscle gain and therefore closer to the objective, to have a muscular stomach AND dish.

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