Stomach through the cold

fatThe Cool Sculpting freezes fat which will then be fazed out and naturally by the body. Best Health tested this innovative technology offered at Clinique Skin Dr. Manish Khanna, and we reveal the results.

Cool Sculpting: a flat, defined through the cold belly

The Cool Sculpting can refine the silhouette destroying fat cells by cold. This new technology, now available at SKIN medical aesthetics in Montreal, has piqued the curiosity of our team and agreed to the test. Prior to notify you in feature the results, briefly recall its operation.

How it works?

The Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical treatment that aims to eliminate fat cells located in specific areas of the body such as the stomach, back or hips. The precise temperature at which used the Cool Sculpting allows only target the fat. Indeed, when placed on the surface of the skin, the applicator is cold enough to destroy fat cells but is not cold enough to damage the skin or cells located near the area to be treated.

Once frozen by the technology of Cool Sculpting, fat cells die and are eliminated by the lymphatic system of the body, about two to three months a clarification is needed here. The Cool Sculpting used to sculpt the silhouette, and is not intended for overall weight loss. That said, if a person wants to refine its size by targeting specific regions of the body, such as abdominal or saddlebags, the Cool Sculpting can be an interesting option.

Moreover, this technology is especially useful for men and women who have attempted to refine a particular part of their body such as abdominal, for example, but have failed to achieve the desired result through a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Note also that the Cool Sculpting will not provide the desired results if the user gains weight during the treatment which we mentioned in more detail there a few months.

The results

Three months after receiving this treatment on the flanks, I see a difference that is visible to the naked eye. Photos were taken before and after the session of Cool Sculpting, and I can see the fat of my flanks created a curve is less present. So my love handles are visibly less important in my waist. Additionally, unsightly bulges on the back of my sides are much less visible. In my case, I am pleased with the results.

Another positive effect of Cool Sculpting: since I received this conduct, I am more provoked to eat better and I do some more sports than ever before. I am more aware of what I put on my plate, and before or after photos have greatly motivated me to continue. In this brains the Cool sculpt can therefore also be used as engine to initiate some positive changes in your lifestyle. However, allow us be clear: the Cool Sculpting will not make miracles if you want to lose a lot of weight in no time, and this technology can not alone solve all your weight problems. That said, the Cool Sculpting could give you a good boost which is, admittedly, never refused in the circumstances!

Example of results obtained in a patient

It is important to note in conclusion that from one person to another, the side effects can vary this treatment. Some people may have bruising, or blue, while a minority of patients may have a cyst that appears after treatment. Others experience a sharp pain after treatment.

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