Sodas help you lose weight

fatThe whole Diet soda and weight loss world knows that sodas are one of the worst drinks for health and weight loss that can be consumed, with all chemicals, high fructose syrup from corn fattening, and all the plethora of health problems caused by these carbonated drinks worshiped by those who do not care or health, and weight.

Surprisingly, many people believe, wrongly, that the sodas diet is a solution for weight loss. Sometimes you can even hear some people say proudly that healthy eating and drinking only diet soda.

Clarify several aspects about diet soda and weight loss .Diet hot drink and weight loss 2

There is absolutely nothing remotely healthy about drinking diet sodas. There are even studies showing that those who consume diet sodas are fatter than those who eat regular soda. Here are some of the conclusions of an 8-year study at a university in Texas:

What surprised us was not that soft drink consumption is associated with overweight and obesity. What is surprising is that, if you look at people who only drink diet soda, the risk of overweight is actually higher.

It was observed a 41% increase in risk of being overweight for every unit of diet soda a person consumed each day.

One of the chief reasons why this happens is that synthetic sweeteners in diet sodas generate a negative hormonal response in the human body, which increases the production of hormones that grease and increase cravings to eat more sweets and refined carbohydrates in the time interval following the consumption of these drinks diet.

Besides this, with artificial sweeteners taste buds feel that swallowed impressive very sweet, and even though they do not really eat glucose, the body responds by producing more insulin. Higher insulin levels mean higher consumption of sweets and activation of certain mechanisms that allow the body to store more fat.

If health and weight loss are really important to you, you should avoid all kinds of sodas and soft drinks all the time, except in certain cases where it is difficult to do.

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