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fatExcept for obesity surgery, based on the gastric band and bypass, the surgical process best identified and most practiced aesthetic is liposuction or liposuction. However there are other cosmetic techniques, much less invasive, which allow thinning some area: biolysis, ultrasound etc. Their use depends on the area to be thinned and extent stomach, saddlebags, love handles, inner knees, etc.

The obesity surgery gastric banding and bypass

Saddlebags, big belly: the choice of liposuction or liposuction

Other slimming solution biolysis

Cellulite and fat cells: laser biolysis

Have you thought ultrasound?

Immunotherapy can also help to slim

The obesity surgery

Reserved for obese people, obesity surgery is based on two techniques: the placement of a gastric band that shrinks the volume of the stomach and bypasses whose principle is to bypass part of the stomach .drop off window

Thus effectively reduces the volume of the digested food, which results in weight loss very important. This intervention has drawbacks that must be discussed in advance with the surgeon. The cost of this surgery is usually covered by health insurance.

Saddlebags, big belly: the choice of liposuction or liposuction

This cosmetic surgery technique involves sucking clusters localized fat cells. Thus manages to treat relatively large surfaces saddlebags, abdomen, buttocks, but also knee, ankles.

This intervention is radical and requires hospitalization for one day on average. Its cost is about 2,000 to 3,000 euros. The downside is that liposuction can leave the skin prolonged, now and then requiring a subsequent lift-type intervention.

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