Slim two is better

fatLose weight, when it is really necessary, is never an easy business.Whatever anyone says, you have to show determination and we feel very alone more often and outside the family and social life.

Therefore, two is always better.

Kilos couple

Deciding to lose weight

How to organize this weight loss?

How to lose weight just two?

Getting around two

Put away the balance

Kilos couple

It was found long ago that life had a couple a tendencies to be associated with weight gain more or less important. Some call it the pounds of love!

Is that we tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day several times a week, delicious lovingly cooked by one or the other, and or dining out.

To stay in bed more often: although the caloric expenditure is then not negligible, it is still not the equivalent of what is spent where, single, we would trudge on a carpet in the room gym or take a bike tour with friends.

If one was thin before the couple moved in, the gentlemen are comfortable belly, buttocks and thighs ladies oblige them to change size of jeans and love handles are installed in both.If it was already at odds with its ideal weight, the situation is getting worse.

Deciding to lose weight

Comes a time when we fall asleep every night watching TV because of too hearty dinner and sometimes too watered. And / or a day orgasmic conclusion of a panting Wahoo is impossible because of shortness of breath.

There is also the annoyance of having to buy more pants, which may strain the budget and sets a bad mood. Especially since, in the register the straw and the beam eyes on the chubby nude another are less tender.And it can also be a medical visit whistling the alert.The decision then imposes lose weight.

It is easier to obtain in a gay combine, especially women, while in a traditional couple, it is most often Lady who introduced and will ensure convince Sir, often more reluctant to the idea of put order in his diet.

But equality does not reign in the energy balance of men and women. The former have higher expenses and they lose weight faster. Consequently slim two is easier in a homosexual couple when caloric needs and both are virtually the same.

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