Slim down after the holidays

fatEven if it’s icy outside, we can reverse the trend by returning to healthier practices, food and sports.After the rich holiday meals, it’s time to get back in the normal days of nails

5 tips for better slim down


After the rich holiday meals, it’s time to get back in the normal days of nails

And for that:

Point of starvation diet, frustrating in nature.Impossible to maintain over time, so source exhaust. and yo-yo, the body, and adiposities keeps the memory indefinitely.No question of weighing yourself every day.

Once a week is enough, just to check that it is in the right direction, but we can also rely printing wellness in clothes.Also avoid counting calories may think only his calculator and losing the pleasure of eating.

Alternative, an estimated ladle the contents of his plate, taking into account separately each ingredient meat or fish one hand, on the other hand starches not far wrong.

We proceed by small steps for a smooth revolution more surely durable. And it supports its two main detoxifying organs, liver and kidney, subject to recent and harsh solids and liquids trials by providing quality fuels, devoid of toxins, a pinch of turmeric and rosemary and the water at will.

Finally, in addition. Of this dietary rehabilitation, physical activity galore at least 30 minutes per day: cycling, walking, swimming, everything is good, provided it is practiced regularly.

5 tips for better slim down

1. Eat sitting and not standing up!

Standing, we do not relish it shoves, to finish quickly.So we eat sitting, without television parasite satiety signals.

2. Betting crisp

Once swallowed the first bite, it takes twenty minutes to brain satiety center so that it stands out.Meanwhile, chewed vigilantly, the more readily the food is raw or whole, with a preference for fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, but also dark chocolate with almonds to masticator index high.

3. Make small portions

Although high, it always ends his plate, then better it is small!Then pours him if hunger justifies and even absent satiety signals.And above all, we exile service kitchen dish not to pick them automatically.

4. Choose light to moderate doses

We drink water, some wine and that’s it.Drinking light, we give good conscience and still eat worse elsewhere. Proof by a recent study that was the link between waist circumference and increased light sodas.

Same problem for solid, low fat content creates a halo effect that blurs calorie addition and is consuming more, because we believe in the shelter.

5. Take a royal breakfast.

A prince of a poor lunch and dinner!In other words, it reorganized its food day to eat the right foods at the times of day when they are most needed, that is to say fat in the morning, at lunch dense, sweet and vegetable fat the afternoon, light or ultra light night.

Basically, extra exactly, cheese, bread and butter for breakfast, meat and  or fish in quantity with starches and vegetables at lunch, vegetable fats , fruit and sweet taste derivatives, fish, seafood or white meat and green at night.

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