Slim belly and regain a flat stomach without dieting

fatWe will here to tempt you to unveil the foods that will help you lose weight belly to find a nice flat stomach naturally. Sometimes you just have to choose their food and know some tricks to achieve its objectives.

We’ll dissect some foods that promote a flat stomach with some nutrients they contain. These nutrients will help you lose weight fast and more specifically target abdominal fat. So after reading this article you will have the tools necessary to achieve your goal of losing weight especially at the abdominal strap.


Research has shown that certain compounds in cinnamon make fat cells more receptive to insulin. When cells are extra receptive to insulin, they permit insulin to transport sugar into the cells to burn correctly fat, maintenance low level of insulin in the blood. Too high insulin levels in the body triggers a greater fat storage especially in the abdomen. So cinnamon consumption egg seasoning on a coffee or during your culinary preparations will help maintain a good level of insulin. And it’s a great way to fight against abdominal fat.

Green tea:

It has been demonstrated that it has thermogenic properties and helps to increase fat oxidation. In fact, one study originate that when overweight people consumed the same number of calories and executed the same amount of exercise, those who drink jade tea lost more weight than those who did not consumed, especially in the abdomen. Green tea is also filled with powerful antioxidants, which help reduce swelling transit intestinal another cause of fat deposits in the abdominal region and to fight disease and infections.

Foods rich in omega -3:

It has been demonstrated that they aid in the reduction of fats in particular those present in the abdominal region. Studies have also been shown to influence the stress hormone levels and adrenaline. Cortical to a too high level in the body promotes fat storage. And foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids help maintain a stable level of these hormones in the blood and prevent stress by better lose weight during a diet. Fatty fish, such as salmon, are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. However, there are sources of herbal, such as china seeds, walnuts and flaxseed.


Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds are full of good fats that will help the body not to reserve. These are source of elevated protein. That’s good for our body while fighting against abdominal fat mass. However, be careful not to abuse it they still contain good fat but certainly we must remain realistic. You can eat 2-3 times a week a handful will be good enough.

Vitamin C:

It helps to reduce the levels of hormones related to stress and regain proper cortical levels. This reduction in cortical may help prevent in increasing fat storage in abdominal. Ideal would consume at least two foods rich in vitamin C every day.Orangesand kiwis and peppers are rich.

Whole foods:

Pasta, bread, brown rice etc are rich in fiber helping bowel movements and thereby helping you to find a flat stomach. They are very important in terms of weight loss because they limit the absorption of fats and sugars in our body. Whole foods with a low glycolic index they will limit the rise of sugar in the blood and therefore avoid a high amount of insulin in our cadaver This same insulin promote fat storage. And unfortunately for storage thereby often begin in the abdomen. That is what is needed whole foods so instead of eating white rice prefer brown rice same with bread etc.

Fruits and vegetables:

First of all it is better to opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to lose weight choose according to their glycolic index that regulates insulin levels in the blood and thus prevents fat storage. Cucumber in a GI low as asparagus, grapefruit, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, cherries, tomatoes, beans, lettuce and other salad and banana careful though not to abuse this last fruit in a diet should be eating in small quantities. Eat a banana a week is enough.


Protein is found in large numbers in white meats such as chicken, turkey and also fish such as cod, seafood, shellfish and eggs. Proteins play a major role in the loss of our body fat. They preserve muscle mass. Over our muscle mass, the greater our every movement generates the fat burning to operate group muscles. So the more our muscle mass, the greater we will lose weight fast to each of our movements or exercises.

Another little trick asparagus and artichokes are natural draining as cherry stems. We will not tell you enough drink! Water, strenuous antioxidant teas or unsweetened course. To complement your meal preference rapeseed oils, silly or olive.

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