Physical Exercise and Balanced Diet

fatMedical Services Real Madrid, recommends foods containing evenly all macro nutrients, including proteins and fat plus carbohydrates. It is also important that the carbohydrates, the most significant immediate energy suppliers, with a high percentage of glycolic index, which determines the speed with which enter the blood.

In addition, it is recommended that fats come from plants or blue fish. Specialists Medical Services Sanitas-Real Madrid has designed a general outline to guide the power of athletes and fans, in which the most basic principles are included to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Water should be consumed regularly. It is purifying, restorative and regulates body temperature during exercise, which is known as radiator effect promotes recovery after exercise and delays muscle fatigue.Indeed, a quantity of dehydration of 4% may cause the cardiac output to increase to 18%, leading to the appearance of fatigue much sooner.

Also, athletes can consume beverages hydrolyzed; provided they are isotonic / hypotonic and salt concentration is less than the serum. Experts do not recommend consuming hypertonic drinks during or after physical exertion, as they have an excess salts which delay absorption and increase the loss of urine, which contributes to dehydration.Vegetables are the foundation of a healthy being a major source of iron supply.

Olive oil, being mainly composed of omega-9 fatty acids, provides many benefits to the body. It is an excellent protector of the cardiac system, it is vital for the carrying out of the immune system, promotes tissue repair and helps to control cholesterol levels.

Alternate foods rich in complex carbohydrates and whole, like bread, cereal, rice, pasta, beans or potatoes.Consume between 3 and 6 pieces of fruit or 2 glasses of fresh juice.

Pleasing calcium-rich dairy foods such as yogurt and cheese fresh or semi, and iron, legumes, leafy vegetables, nuts, meat and fish.

Foods rich in protein and omega 3 oils, provide flexibility to the arteries and act as detergent called bad cholesterol.Meals containing joint protectors such as salmon, sardines or mackerel and nuts.

Rest of the week

Other excellent high-protein foods such as fish, eggs, chicken or turkey or veal. Should be eaten accompanied by vegetables or bread.


Ham, red meat, aged cheeses, sausages or chocolate.

To avoid

According to Dr. Diez, in principle any food can be eaten in moderate amounts but some nutrients should be consumed only occasionally. Therefore, it is advisable to follow some basic guidelines cord to avoid health problems.

Restrict especially the intake of foods high in saturated fat, such as sausages, pate, cured cheeses, butter, margarine, bacon, pastries, chocolate and confectionery.Monitor the utilization of alcoholic beverages.Consume little sugar, jams, cakes and pastries.

Do not abuse the salt at hand in large amounts in foods like potato “chips”, anchovies, cheeses, ham or preparations wines.

What to eat before and after the competition

Previous day

Soft Diet and transformed by the liver, because during competition develops a strong work debugging and energy turnover.

Eating vegetables, including potatoes, fruit, bread, vegetables, pasta, rice, milk, yogurt or fresh cheese, chicken or beef, white or blue fish, eggs and olive oil.

Avoid fatty foods or salty, alcoholic beverages, biscuits, sugary sodas, ice cream, chips, sausages, cheeses, ham, margarine, butter, spreads, pastry and sugar, chocolate and pastries.

During excessive effort is advisable to always have fresh juices, which can be diluted with a little water.


It is very important to provide the specific nutrients body after training or competition, since they involve continuous and hard efforts, in which the energy reserves accumulated in the liver and muscles, are depleted.

You have to provide the body with carbohydrates during the first hour after sports, plus slight protein content, which is of great help to recondition muscles.

Excessive sweating also causes loss of salt. In that case you should take crackers or broth and add a little more salt in the first meal after strenuous exercise.

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