Must lose weight before bariatric surgery

dietSome obese patients resort to surgery to improve their health and quality of life. The question is whether it is useful or not to try to lose some weight before the operation. The answer is yes, weight loss before the operation is in addition to that obtained one year after bypass.

Obesity surgery: bypass

Weight loss depends on the patient’s weight on the day of the operation

Obesity surgery: bypass

An obesity surgery takes planning. Before performing gastric bypass procedure that involves bypassing the stomach, reducing the food intake and absorption, the patient has a good learning lifestyle and dietary rules, to reduce the risk of postoperative complications and to perpetuate the benefits of the intervention.

In these preliminary recommendations to the intervention, we can add track a low-calorie diet for any loss preoperative influences weight loss on bypass.

Twelve studies have integrated patients undergoing bypass were analyzed. The evolution of the subject’s weight before the operation, then a year later was known.

Weight loss depends on the patient’s weight on the day of the operation

The conclusions and findings of the authors:

One year behind a bypass, patients missing an average of 38% of their weight on the day of surgery.This funds that any weight loss prior to the day of the intervention will add to that obtained after the bypass.Thus, a person who weighs 150 kg, weigh 93 kg a year after a bypass, or 62% of its weight on the day of surgery.

If that same person of 150 kg diets and lose 20 kg before surgery, it will weigh 130 kg on the day of the operation, and therefore 80 kg a year after a bypass. This makes the final 13 kg lost more.

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