How to lose weight after giving birth?

Slim after giving birthA month passed after the birth of my third child. I recalled that at the time of discharge from the hospital, I weighed 71 kg (with an initial weight of 59 kg), could not pull the ass on your favorite jeans and was disgusted with herself in the mirror.

What do we have for this month?

1. The most important thing: minus 2 kg (total – 69 kg).

2. Favorite jeans are worn on the fifth point. If desired, they can be even zip, but I do not. It is a very unaesthetic look.

3. Under a layer of subcutaneous Zhirkov begin to pick out the muscles of the arms and shoulders. It’s nice. About the Press and buttocks while not say anything, because losing weight from the top down. So with the priests and excess belly fat will go into the last turn. That is why, by the way, I do not write changes to the waistline, buttocks and thighs. Landmark at his reflection in the mirror.

4. And on the mirror. I like me herself? As someone who works for himself and achieves its goals – yes. As a fitness trainer – no. But nothing, for another three months ahead.

And now the most important thing. What I did for this ?

And that’s what.

1. Honestly observe the rules of postpartum recovery. Therefore, the maximum of my physical activities this month – walking with a stroller unhurried pace. With two small children do not resemble quickly. Still doing abdominal exercises, but it is more subject to the return of a flat tummy.

2. The correct nutrition.

a) To remove from the diet of sugar and sweets. My daughter,s  food allergy.

b) To stop eating bread. From black in the child increased flatulence and white – the culinary nonsense.

a) Add the easily digestible protein. Organism downright requests.

d) Every night I eat 2-3 tablespoons of bran with a cup of yogurt. Cool thing!

d) Well, split meals – 5-6 times a day, but gradually. The principle is simple: if you want to lose weight – Eat more often. I’m not unserious.

Result: minus 2 kg per month with a minimum of restrictions. Most annoying me inability to eat some bread sandwich with black.

I could not clean up after month 2 kg, and more? Yes, I could. Why I did not do it? Yes, because I’m not the enemy itself. You can not gain weight 9 months and then lose weight in 30 days. Especially if the child is breastfed.

Next month I plan to remove another 2 kg and tighten the tummy. So expect to continue!

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