How to lose fat and gain muscle

fatBurn fat and build muscle

Most people who go to a gym indicate this by two generic goals, lose fat or to gain muscle, but is this possible?

Anyone who comes to a gym should know and be clear that to gain muscle takes time, and are not short periods of time, so you must know that this is a year and not months let alone a few days.We will explain how muscle is gained and then as losing fat.

As you gain muscle

To gain muscle you need to enlarge the calories consumed in the body, so that at all times be sufficient to conduct training of good quality energy, and after these the body can recover better considering glycogen recharged body.

This is achieved, in contrast to fat loss, consuming complex carbohydrates to glycogen in the body have the full, eating good amount of protein to rebuild the muscle and a great intense muscular work in the gym .

Also, it is good to drink plenty of fat as this helps the regeneration of muscle tissue and also helps digest carbohydrates and muscle protection already exists in the body preventing muscle catabolism, when the body begins to feed on its own tissues consuming muscle.

As you lose fat

In organize to lose fat you call for to lower your calorie intake and increase energy consumption and therefore also of calories, your caloric balance is negative to the body to use fat as fuel to power reduce the fat in our body.

This comes to getting eating less simple carbohydrates and carbohydrate if necessary, to have energy at times necessary as when we go to the gym, for complex carbohydrates, reducing fat intake and doing cardiovascular exercise,

Then you can gain muscle and lose fat

If we read what is written above for each of the goals you need to make a contrary thing to another, so basically this would be impossible to do, but really this is not true, because if you have a strict diet well trained and can get small amount of muscle and fat loss.

That if this goal is very difficult because you have to know how much is consumed by your basal metabolism and your daily workout in order to eat it at just the right moment, besides that in so doing muscle gains and losses of fat would be great.

The correct way to do

The correct way to do this process of increasing muscle and lose fat is to first make the stage volume and then the stage of definition or fat loss. To the reverse is also possible but if you have a lot of fat, it is much better to lower the fat to the point of doing two steps back.

So start with muscle growth for some time as excess fat as mentioned will help to protect the muscles, also during the stage of hypertrophy you must make a definition stage to burn the calorie surplus, the growth stage that will have become fat.

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