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Indeed, cravings and other snacks between meals are one of the major pitfalls that make us fat. Mostly fatty and sugary, foods that are chipping away outside the main meals do not provide valuable nutrients for our body. They are empty, useless calories, which straight away provisions and moreover, does not satiate us!

To preserve a healthy weight or even lose some, snacking should therefore remain exceptional.I focus on what I eat.

During meals, you need to focus on what you eat. No way to eat a sandwich in the street while shopping. No question of drinking at your computer, either to advance on your work, surf or play! If you are distracted when you eat, you distort the message of satiety that comes to your brain. Conversely, if you are paying attention on what you eat, you are promoting satiety, which will allow you to keep more easily until the next meal without snacking! I eat slowly.

The other way to enhance satiety is eating calmly and slowly. Remember that chewing promotes satiety. You must build sure to decide foods that need to be chew, that is to say, not too squashy! I limit sugary foods.

Too much sugar, it is not good for health diabetes, heart attack, cancer. But also, sugar real sugar or sweetener maintains the taste for sweetness. We must therefore break this inhuman sphere. Limit sweets, biscuits, cakes and sweet desserts. Reserve them for extraordinary occasions. I eat more meals.

To avoid cravings, increase the portions at meal, rationally, and higher than the amount of vegetables. Rich in water and strand, vegetables have a satiating power very interesting. In addition, they aid digestion and are very good for overall health! Drink plenty of water.

Drink regularly throughout the day can help ward off feelings of craving. However, the sodas are to be avoided, even if they are light! They do not quench thirst and maintain the taste for sugar. I snack on raw vegetables and soups.

It is not easy to break habits. Identify the times of day when you nibble often and take the lead in providing for snack foods that are better for your health and your line. So why not plan veggies sticks, a small soup and yogurt. By having such foods on you or in the fridge of the office, you give yourself the means to resist fatty and sugary sweets and snack on healthy foods, that’s impressive!

I split my meals: 3 square meals and snacks

The final solution alongside snacking is to systematize a real snack.Split your meals: three meals plus a snack in the morning or the afternoon but no way to increase the quantities. By planning in advance snack cereals, dairy products, fruits, you avoid cravings instinctual toward fatty and sugary foods with empty calories.

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